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Random Wednesday

wm3522 Dioramas just generally creep me out is all I’m saying.

Tummy Time just pisses babies off.

4H should just not be this aggravating.

I would love to see this exhibit. It’s a shame it’s in Vermont. And Nebraska.

I wish I had learned to sew as a youngin’. I would have really liked that.

OK, I actually really like the song, but the video made me nauseous. Sorry.

Oh good. It’s earwig season. Hurray.

Come on rain! rain rain rain rain rain. You can do it!

This is hilarious and true.

“I don’t like lobster. I like walls.”

You wouldn’t store pots in the stove though. You’d store them on it. Or in the oven. The stove is what’s on top.

Silly things like that bother me.

Does anyone else think that Dave Brat and Eric Cantor look like they could be brothers?

“Let’s be clear though – the government buys a lot more prostitutes than I think you or I do.” Ha!

Someone should explain to the writers at Bust that the word trend does not mean what they think it means.

“Who the fuck is bell hooks?” “I don’t know. I didn’t take women’s studies in college.” Werd.

Who raised these women? Oh wait, never mind. I know.

What a name. I wonder if they chose him on purpose just on account of that name.

My building has carpenter ants. My building is not made of wood. Bugs are so perplexing.

Hmmm. I think I need to check this out.

Expendables 3? I couldn’t even make it through Expendables 2.


I kind of love this. Every once in a while I’ll break out a disposable camera just for fun. And while I keep saying I need to shoot some film I just never do. I like how they specifically mention not being distracted from the moment by reviewing the photos.

I should start prefacing everything I say and do with “Trigger Warning”. Maybe eventually people would start to see how flipping absurd it is.

lotion. basket.

Buy some eggs, yo.

Bill Murray is pretty cool.

Tactical Action Committee. Sounds so much cooler than it actually is.

It’s aw, people. Not AWE. There is no E unless you are actually feeling awe. There may be some instances where you are, indeed, feeling awe. Gazing at my incredibly beautiful children, for example. But most of the time when you’re awwwwing on the interwebs? You’re not AWE-ing on the internet. So stoppit.

There were TEN seasons of MI5?? I saw the first two, I think. I loved that show.

OMG Buffy Funkos! Soooo cute! I need the Hush Funko. NEED. And also Spike. And also all of them. Because duh.

I need to figure out my lunch situation.

i wanna go back and die at the drive in …

I dislike book previews or “read the first chapter!” situations. Please keep them to yourself.

I always wanted to publish my own zine back in the day. But never did.

I wish my MacBook Pro would get here. Now that I know I’m getting one, I’m all excited.

Blargh. I hate interviewing people. I hate it. Conducting job interviews is a special kind of torture for introverts.


“It bothers me when people I like like other people I would never like.” YES.

She doesn’t give a shit about proper grammar, but she’ll walk around with her nose in the air and pretend she’s better than the rest of us.


I like that she’s doing a series for Reason. But Reason. For Christ’s sake! PROOFREAD. I’m totally serious about being available for that particular gig. Please. Just. Please.

Stop dragon my heart around …

“Everyone’s got a fucking trauma boo-boo, and we’re all expected to kiss the damn thing.” YES.

Speaking of trigger warnings

Oreos. You are so delicious. Stop tempting me with your delicious deliciousness. Stop I say!

I need to take the kidlets to St. Ignace.

What’s with all the boob storage talk lately?

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is this office so bloody cold??

Why is Facebook advertising itself on Facebook?

It’s just too bad the giraffe didn’t malfunction in a Skynet kind of evil robot way and smoosh him like a bug. Wait, what? Did I think that out loud?

I like tacos.

Whelp. It’s not a van down by the river.

Curse you, internet! I never knew there was so much stuff I wanted before you came along.

Stop blinking at me weather icon!

Ugh. This lime scented dish soap is not a good smell.

It’s the Rice Krispie Treats. They’re like crack.

You know what musta happened?

Wow. Three. So many!

I might have sprained something on that one.

Stop dragon mah


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  1. ScottO

    What about a pot-bellied stove? When they aren’t being hot, they have room inside.

    Funko Pops? Do you lick them, or drink them?

    I hated interviewing people, too. Then when I finally got comfortable doing it, I did something where I was told “you can’t do that”. So I hate it again. And now I don’t do it anymore, so yay me.

    Tacos, good. Lime soap, bad. Got it.

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