wm0613country lane – telekinesis
for the first time – the script
faster – matt nathanson
rest – parts & labor
eyes – peter bjorn and john
chapel song – we are augustines
you i want (radio edit) – jesse thomas
under the sycamore – death cab for cutie
battery kinzie – fleet foxes
half of something else – the airborne toxic event
skip the charades – cold war kids

I have absolutely no memory of who made this mix for me, but I came across it cleaning the car or the office or something that really needed cleaning and gave it a listen on my commute. It’s mostly not my jam, as the kids say, (The kids say that, don’t they? Somebody says it. Well I said it, so now it’s a thing in the world. Whatever.), but one or two songs I really liked – Half of Something Else in particular. I like the idea of seasonal mixes though. I listen to Neko Case year round, but she always seems like fall music. Jane’s Addiction is for summer only. But that’s pretty artist specific. My friend Sarah once sent me a mix that included all four seasons. It was awesome. I’d love to get an updated collection like that. I dunno. Feel free to lay your favorite summer soundtracks on me. You know I’m always looking for something new to listen to. (And in case you were wondering, that’s Lake Michigan at Empire.)