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Random Wednesday

wm3521I just …

Oh yay. More 4H frustration. Wonderful. Why does no one in this organization ever just tell you what you need to know in order to do ANYTHING? Even when you ask questions, it’s like pulling teeth to get the correct information. I am so aggravated right now.


I REALLY don’t like Jason Ritter. I just don’t.

No, I’m sorry, you don’t keep a friendly deposition. Proofread your cover letter? What?

Aw, I love the Totoro and Haku hoodies.

COMMAND v vs. CONTROL v learning curve.

Typing with a keyboard cover is weird and hard to get used to. I can’t tell

There have only been 4 seasons of the Walking Dead? It seems like so much more.


Yes! A win for MI CPL holders.

Ewwwww! Why??

‘”you are so much more interesting than the inside of my head” – neil gaiman over dinner, giving me possibly the best compliment I’ve ever received from any man, while trying to explain why he hasn’t gotten any work done over the past five years.’ Thanks a million, Amanda Palmer. Bitch.

Although. That is an incredibly incredible thing to say to the woman you love. Swoonable for sure. But still.

Nobody reads my Thursday Soundtrack posts. I’m pretty sure people only come here for Random Wednesday.

“Jesus wants you to get it amputated.”

Since when do you need the hard drive to recover the emails?

Spoliated. That’s a new word for me. I like it. It’s like ‘sploded.

I just didn’t think the Lego movie lived up to the ridiculous amount of hype.

“One of my sons wants to be a photographer. I said to him, “Why do you want to rob the bank when it’s already been burgled?” There’s no livelihood there.” YES.

I keep hoping billionairism is like a virus and you can catch it.

I just don’t like Chinese food.

I’m going to have such a headache.

It should rain. It should.

Oh Lord. Battle Creek is a special special place. You think it’s all Raisin Brand and Corn Flakes in the Cereal City, but it’s really just a side show waiting to happen.

Gah. I love them all. Swoonable.

That’s my word of the day, apparently.



Ack! The cute!


I didn’t even bother to try to do anything with my hair today. So. Much. Humidity. I am a ball of frizz. It’s not pretty.

“A True Patriot! Congratulations! You passed the test. You possess a superior knowledge of important historical events in America. If there was a medal for knowing the answers to these questions you would definitely deserve it.”

Scary fucked up hillbilly. Yes. But still totally hot. Sorry. At least he’s not a felon.

I don’t know about you, but I thank all the gods above and below every damn day that we have government to save us, save us brothers and sisters! from the menacing influence of rampant free libraries and the tyrannical demon children who reign over them! Hallelujah!

That is an excellent plan! You are a genius.

What are the odds?

I have no focus today. I used it all up yesterday. I was so focused yesterday I didn’t even take a lunch break.

The glass is there for a reason.

I think you hold a different view on that if you’re not actually a Yooper.

Today’s stuck in my head track: lit up. lit up. lit up. lit up alright. with your bad blood. ARGH. help.


“Common sense is aloof to some. I agree with you 110%.” Common sense. So uppity.

Wait. So – Curses to Political Correctness! Except for when I offend someone??? Sigh. Whatever, Gary Oldman.

The problem with finally deciding that I no longer wish to make a living as a photographer, (unless my ultimate dream job of White House Photographer was offered to me, in which case I’d be on the next flight to the hell pit of DC), is that I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. Or, I do, I want to stay home with the sprogs, but I can’t. So job wise. I don’t have a clue.


I wish I was on a road trip too. I love road trips.

I really don’t like Chinese food.

Ah yeah. There’s the headache. Also I’m starving.

I’m still probably not going to read the Hunger Games books. I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of reading Life of Pi.

Why is my Diet Coke named Bree?

I could really use a nap.

Looking at the monitor for this machine while moving the mouse for the other machine and trying to figure out where the cursor is. Who here needs more sleep? Anyone?

This calls for a bendy straw.

That cat has a death wish. THE SCREEN IS NOT FOR CLIMBING!

Must. Not. Buy. The. Rocker.

I hate putting frames together. The glass. Ugh. I can never get it clean enough.

Maybe that’s a sign. Maybe I should chop off my hair.

Dammit! I always forget picture wire! Always!

People cut grapes in half? That’s a thing?

You are getting verrrrrrrry sleeeeepy.

No really.

What is that beeping?


I love you in the summer, Breathe Right Strips. I just love you.

Neither is the ceiling.


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  1. ScottO

    Well, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to keep those acrimonious depositions!

    I actually read Thursday before this one. I liked the t-shirt story.


    To argue over whether it’s half-empty or half-full?

    Me, either.

    Maple icing. It doesn’t really taste like maple, but it isn’t just glazing, either.

    Starving? I think there’s some leftover lo mein.


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