zentober wmmaybe tomorrow – stereophonics
this time – jonathan rhys meyers
beautiful girl – william fitzsimmons
the roller – beady eye
southern cross (lp version) – crosby, stills & nash
you were never there – diego garcia
without you – eddie vedder
running on empty – jackson browne
honest face – liam finn & eliza jane
the dolphin’s cry – live
in the dirt – s. carey

I was cleaning something else that really needed cleaning and I found a disc two, ya’ll. Y’all? I think it’s Y’all and I think I always type ya’ll. I think ya’ll must be more Michigander and y’all more southern. Digressing … So I like disc 1 better.

I can’t take a mix seriously that has Crosby, Stills & Nash on it. Especially because they disdain the Oxford comma in their band name. Plus the ampersand. Plus hippies. But whatever.

I both love and hate that Stereophonics song and I could not tell you why either way. I wish I’d never heard it (I heard it long before this mix, just for the record).

Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I didn’t even know he musicianed. I don’t care for him as an actor. His singing style is very James Bluntish. Also too “hipster soul searchy my music video is set in a coffee shop and now I’m totally gonna get into your pants because I’m singing and gazing soulfully at you with my dreamy eyes” for me.

Eddie Vedder. I just can’t.

Live. I really used to love this band. Their first album came out back when I was in high school and I’d listen to it over and over. Their progression over the years has been interesting. Plus Ed Kowalczyk has some serious God issues. I just remembered that I saw them live. How did I forget that? I wonder what happened to that t shirt. I probably bought an XL because I never used to wear clothes that fit because I don’t even know, and later got rid of it. Weird. I can’t remember who opened for them though. Oh wait. Was that the Love Spit Love concert? I believe it was … Yes! Back in ’95. Love Spit Love kicked ass live! Live not so much. Man, I love Richard Butler. I just Googled Ed. Apparently he has a solo career now. I wonder how that’s working out for him. Digressing …

I have used too many ellipses in this post.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for disc two. Maybe Miss W would enjoy it more than I do. I appreciate the effort that went into making it by whoever it was that made it that I can’t remember but suspect was one of two people, one of whom I don’t talk to any more because evil. But again, lay your mixes on me, baby. You know you wanna.