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Random Wednesday

What a ridiculous week.

Why yes. Yes I can tell you the difference between an em dash and an en dash. Thank you so much for asking!

It’s just the tiniest bit terrifying.

I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that my direct line was the main office number, but you are very much mistaken.

What kind of fugue state was I in when I decided white pants were a good idea?

el oh el

Companies should offer training courses on when to Reply All.


Man. That just broke my heart. What a thing to see first thing in the morning.

Great. Now I have Under My Thumb stuck in my head.

Nice piece on conservative culture.

I don’t think I’ve had this many emails all year. It’s a deluge, yo. I can’t keep up.

The interwebs are making me tired this week.

It’s hard to do this particular work from home project with my lap full of Tiny Time Lord. Obviously I do not care.

There seems to be this surge of articles about articles lately. And by lately I mean the last few years. Blah blah summation, quote, blah blah read the whole thing here. It annoys me. It’s like junk mail or something.

I hate car shopping. I hate it. I need someone to just get the basics of what I want and go out and find a car for me.

Quitting FB gets more appealing all the time. But then where would I talk to people? I don’t know.


Oh yes. I’ve done a few of these.

I’m seriously perilously close to falling asleep sitting here. I don’t even care.

ArGh. Why would you take away the Coke machines without immediately replacing them with the Pepsi machines? How am I going to get caffeinated now?

No car. No caffeine. I’m on the edge here, people!

I like that Highlander. I would like it more if they had spelled Highlander correctly.

I can’t even look at that right now.

I might have to just go set up next to my laptop.

especially especially

Life is so much easier with two monitors.

Still not getting the whole Ryan Gosling thing.

why won’t you

I wish we had more than one bat living out there.

Insufficiently caffeinated.

Lacking direction. Lacking purpose. Lacking a plan. What is the what is the what. Frustrating.

I swear that woman already RSVPd. And isn’t she the organizer? Why are people so weird?

Haggling makes me sweat. No sir, I don’t like it.

Those horse head masks creep me the hell out.

I could really use a vacation.

wow I mean, I hate to just say “wow” but damn. If you click through, Child Buried in Sand, Coney Island breaks my heart.

dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit

That Pacifica is awfully nice.

I think I’m hungry.

I don’t like the word capstone.


Ha! Sounds like something I would do.

I like psssst better. Like you’re gonna tell me a secret.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I cannot believe I did that. This week needs to be slaughtered.

This is a pretty spectacular headache.

This Random sucks.

Oops. I guess my battery died.

OK, apparently Pacificas are just awful, not awfully nice.

I’m definitely hungry.

I have to say, I have not been thrilled with this Android phone.

ohhhhhh I forgot about this version! I love this version!

I don’t know what that is, but that hand creeps me out.

Soccer is still going on? Good grief.

Drowning into?

“Glorious” is really not the word I’d use to describe TSA’s Instagram.

Which – how is TSA’s Instagram super big news all of a sudden? I followed them for a while out of curiosity. Then I remembered that I loathe the TSA and want them abolished. Also their feed was boring. Knife knife knife knife knife. Yawn.

Kind of sad in a nostalgic way I suppose.

Touch screen? That’s crazy talk!

I’m so sick of looking for a car. I hate buying a car.

I’m tired of everything.

Miss W has read Fortunately, the Milk 37 times.

Maybe I should go back to writing. None of this “Great American Novel” crap. Pish.

I lack follow through. I have my reasons.

Audra Mae’s version of Forever Young is sticking with me today. So I’m linking again.

Cranky baby. Cranky.

I like the word Galvatorex.

Kirk?! Most unexpected.

Aw this is fun.


I still cannot believe I did that. Dumbass.

I’m kind of cold. I kind of wish I’d worn longer pants.

Boy, people are talkin’ an awful lot about pr0n lately.

What the actual fuck. Sick.

Ha! But why would you do that?

30 days til Outlander!!!!!!! EEeeeeeeEeeeE!!!!


Penny Dreadful. Interesting. A lot more sex than I expected. Hello orgy at Dorian Gray’s house.

I always think it’s A Portrait of Dorian Gray, but it’s a Picture.

I like the theme music quite a lot.

Stop kicking me, Stormageddon.

I think that’s a hallucination. I’m pretty sure. Fairly certain. Almost.



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  1. ScottO

    Rather than Facebook, come back to Twitter! Just stay protected and block/unblock all the tiresome people. Also, if you view account profiles on the web, you can turn off retweets, which is really nice.

    The Picture. While we’re striving for accuracy.

    Don’t worry. Foot-polo is nearly over.

    Now if we could just get the skate-polo season to be a little shorter…

    Personal blogs that talk about articles I can understand. Professional–or attempts at such–sites that do that are being lazy. Plus, it proves that journalists mostly want to talk about, and be noticed by, other journalists.

    Here’s a 2-second session on when to Reply All: “Never. Any questions?”

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