Um yeah, I’d like to go to Iceland now, please and thank you.

I don’t know what that means, Regis.

You can’t have “strike anywhere” matches because people will strike them anywhere!

Reminiscent of early Verve. Not that the Verve stuck around long enough to really get late.

Aw, I like this a lot. I quite often go without makeup, and wear very little when I do wear it.

I like the word ignominious.

This might have choked me up just a little. It is “just so loud.”

I am not a fan of Weird Al, but I really enjoyed this.

“That’s just schizophrenic word soup right there.” You’re damn right. I mean “… high capacity magazine assault weapons …”?

I had tears.

Rolling Stone is now apparently just the Family Feud research department.”

So. Thor’s a woman now. … Okaaaaay.

all of this could’ve been

Bleah. I just feel fat today.

Christmas list!

Jessica Simpson’s wedding dress was really beautiful.


Sorry. I’m never not going to shave my legs. That’s just a fact.

My hair needs a change something fierce.

I don’t really understand harem pants, either.

But that’s a rifle.

I think I may need to plug in the space heater.

It’s cold. It’s making me want to go down and get a chai. mmmmmmmmmmmchaimmmmmmmm

Anita Hill?? What, Tawana Brawley wasn’t available? Sheesh.

I find the non use of the Oxford comma appalling. And you call yourself a university. Hmph.

Um. I just. Well. Raise your hand if the pie chart data is remotely surprising to you, I guess, and we’ll set aside some time for some special discussion in which we beat you over the head with the obvious.

I’m not sure the term “chewy delight” is at all accurate.

Oh GOD I hate this song.

Ugh. Now I feel like I need to brush my teeth.

Sorry, Adam Baldwin. I keep giving the Last Ship a try and it keeps disappointing.

Hell’s bells. How is it 12:30 and I didn’t even know it?? Lunch! I need lunch!

Bread is a vehicle to get food to my mouth

“The Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed, ‘No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.’ What he meant was that by the time you remove your foot from the water and put it back in again, both the river and the person have changed.” Really? Is that what he meant? Thank God you explained that to me because it was so unclear. I really struggled with what Herclitus might have meant by that observation. Whew! Because no, really, what I took away from his observation was that the river was a metaphor for experience, which is constantly changing and subjective to man and his constantly changing state of mind. Thank God I have academics to restate, in slightly dumbed down language, what was said and present it as an explanation on my behalf!

This lunch is not delicious.

Whenever I see the word librarian, I read it as libertarian.

Someday I’ll find the time to chart out that cable and make that sweater. Someday. Probably.

This situation clearly calls for some Diet Mt. Dew.

That dude creeps me the hell out, and I’d be more concerned about it if I didn’t also believe I could take him down in less than 30 seconds. But euch, he makes my skin crawl.

My brain just turns it off.

I have no interest in calling Saul.

I do have much interest in napping.

It’s a conspiracy.

not that either one of us will ever know

It makes me sad. We have so little contact any more.

I just stumbled across this fantastic post about unschooling.

“Citizen compliance is appreciated.”

Can’t he at least die happy??

So … my comment is OK, but not my site. My theory is possibly correct. My site is loathsome and repels other bloggers. Interesting. I’ma have to stop linking to people.

Whyyy would you get pencil shavings all over the cabinet and just leave them there? Jerk face.

Seriously, though, what do you have against my little corner of the internet?

Wait. They’re not sending Jeter back to Kalamazoo are they? We have enough jackasses in this town.

And then deep fry everything. What? Is that not the point?

Maybe the blog needs a new look too.

I’m so scattered today. Verklempt. Insecure. Stuff. Things.

WordPress wants to change verklempt to overslept.

Stupid subspecies.

Maybe I should just change the name of this blog to Random Wednesday. And just post it randomly.

I just had the hardest time typing Wednesday.

It’s weird coming home to a quiet house. Oh, there they are.

I have no idea what to do for dinner. Maybe I can just nap for dinner.

I just don’t have that kind of patience.

Well, look atcha.

I’m still stuck on this Oxford comma news.

Well at least somebody is getting an evening nap.


I’ve posted about this before, but I guess now there is a book available. I would like the book. Of all the shots I’ve seen from the project, my favorite is still the police officer and the girl.

Damn, I still need picture wire.

Honestly, I lose so much hair throughout the day and in the shower it’s a marvel and a wonder that I’m not bald.

I like trying to win stuff. Even if I never win stuff.

I dunno. At least I keep looking for my zen.

Who eats unflavored gelatin?

tryin hard to look like gary cooper – super duper

Stop eating that tree, Walter!

OWWwwwwwW!!! Stormageddon! My thumb is not a chew toy!

Cheese and toast. Cheese and toast.

I will follow whatever your plan is but I will not eat fish. I am sorry.

Seriously, trying to feed you sometimes is like the freaking baby Olympics.


Put a little boogie in it.

That there is a stupid cute Dalek dress.

Go to sleep!