It’s the strategic planning edition, in which we plan strategically. I don’t know what we’re planning, exactly …

No, I did not do my homework. I am quietly rebelling. Shhhhhhh!

Oooooooh! That was almost a disaster! The Mister saved the day. Again.

No, Pandora, I do not want a boyfriend in Kalamazoo. But thanks so much for asking.

Bill Murray is so cool.

Ha, this is awesome.

These are brilliant and kind of creepy.

This has been on my wish list for a while. Now Phoblographer is calling it one of the best point and shoots for street photography. I would carry this with me everywhere.

I don’t understand the logo guy.

I don’t understand 87% of the things that happen around here.

It’s like someone ransacked Laura Ingalls Wilder’s linen closet.

I need to add this to my Christmas list.

But I don’t want to see your boobs. I’m not actually for topless women. So sorry. I don’t see how this is a thing that can ever be desexualized.

Ugh. Planet Purl. Your emails are NOT formatted correctly. Fix this! Fix it, I say!

Huh. Peanut butter M&Ms are kind of addictive.

I need a couple of these. (On account of prolly I’ll lose one of them.)

It’s going to be a loooooooooooooooooong day.

I never look as good or as bad as I think I do.

I gotta say, I’m shocked. I’m totally shocked. Reason and logic.

I have nothing to contribute but editing skills.

I just realized I have the most seniority in this department of anyone in this room, but make the least amount of money. I’m so depressed right now.

I keep realizing that I’ve stopped listening.

I need a donut. Nobody brought donuts to this damn thing. How can you have a mandatory day long meeting (kill me now) and not bring donuts??

It was a real squish.

Survey says!

Waynard Jennings???

I just tripped over that cat tree and landed on my elbow. This is not my best day ever.

And now I hate cats just a tiny bit more.

“French is such a horror. I’m so weary of French.”
“Isn’t everyone so weary of French?”
“I know I am, fucking surrender monkeys.”


Enough with the diversity and inclusion. No two humans are exactly alike. Diversity happens by default.

Yep. These things are ridiculous. Migraine inducers all on their own.

I don’t care what anyone says, I like the word breadth.

I like strawberry shortcake.

I like pie.

What’s with all the

I’m about to fall asleep. Story of my life, but especially so at these meeting things.

lolly lolly lolly get yer

Quietly plotting to take over the world and leave everybody alone.

Oh Dear Lord. The Superman underoos really kind of pull the whole thing together.

Your sibilant esses are piercing my brain like tiny daggers of snobbery.

It’s hard to do when your work day is taking place in someone’s living room.

I think my leg is asleep.


I think both my legs are asleep.

“I don’t have parties. You need friends for that.”

Deadlines seem sort of meaningless in this environment.



Man, Born to Run is kind of an awful song. Why did you think it was necessary to cram so many lyrics in there, Bruce?

Reeeeallly funny and Reeaaaallly NSFW and certain audiences.

Wow. This is such an important issue in the world today. Bravo, for drawing attention to this situation, Ronan.

I told them if they brought Elizabeth Warren to campus I’d have to look for employment elsewhere. I’m pretty sure they knew I wasn’t kidding.


No, really. Just wanna quit my job and be a mom and knit. And take pictures of things.

What a weird show.

A companionator. Ok.

Now the Doctor Who theme is stuck in my head.

angry pirates

Red Dragon and that episode of Millennium are the reason pigs creep me the hell out. I’ll still eat them though. Because pig.

And then there’s that weird plastic suit.

Every single guest, every time, always just dropping by.

So hello.

Ahhhh, maybe, maybe, he’ll sleep in his own bed tonight. None of this sideways between the ‘rents bidness.

I just still don’t understand how you can eliminate the smoking. That’s just not right.

I’ve only actually had one pedicure in my entire life.

Stupid game, locking up my phone.

Huh. Then why do you teach?

Yes. Yes I will make you call me Doctor Jentober. You’ll be alright.

Probably we need to get a dog again. Probably in September or something. Probably.

I think a German Shepherd. Yeah. But probably that’s not how it will work out.

I just don’t even have any idea what’s going on here. Did Will actually kill Freddie or is it all an elaborate ruse? What happened to setting the hook?

I shouldn’t be staying up this late just because I can.

And yet. Here I am.