wm4450The Birth of Suburbia by Rosaleen Ryan. Fantastic.

Evidently, I was totally unprepared for this.

Led and Lead are not interchangeable, people.

I wonder whatever happened to my Highlander t shirt.


I like it.


I hatebeing ignored. If you have an issue with me, tell me. Stop acting like a passive aggressive teenager.

And just like that, my morning is shot.

I need to draw a chicken. Except that I can’t really draw. So there’s that.

It’s not like live tweeting from the fair grounds.

So this is nice.

It’s freezing in here. I think my leg is starting to cramp up.

I could walk down and get a new ID. I could.

Am I the kind of person who can wear a shawl? I just don’t know. It seems like that’s somehow reserved for super skinny people or something.

I just ran out of peanut M&Ms.

I am considering the space heater. It’s tempting. What the hell, I’m going for it.

Wow, dude. I don’t care how much money you make, that is no way to treat people. You, sir, are an ass.

What a lovely thing for Rowling to do.

Oh my GOD. I don’t actually need your life history. It really is just a simple yes or no question. Really.

I’m just really bad at these things.

Don’t you want to buy some chicken?


No, I’d really rather not. Thanks. OK bye now.

When my email inbox exceeds 20 active messages I start to get twitchy. It’s been a stressful week.

if you’re right and we’re nothing at all

I don’t really understand bloggers. I guess that’s all. I guess I don’t really think of myself as a blogger.

I was required to keep a journal for a high school English class that I hated. I don’t journal. I’ve tried to off and on over the years but always fail. And when I go back to reread it, it’s mildly embarrassing. So I’d sit down with the journal on Sunday and write the previous week’s entries. And it was like a long hand version of Random Wednesday. My teacher called them “disjointed ramblings”. And there you have it.

I hate it when people post memes with incorrect grammar.

This is very moving.

I had such high hopes for this Lizzie Borden movie and am pretty disappointed. And what’s with that music?

I don’t think that guy should ever sport a mustache.

Did she do it? She must have done, I suppose.

I would like to visit that house some day.

I’m glad I’m not a lawyer.

This week is crazy, man. Maybe I should just post tomorrow.


He looks like a monchichi.

I don’t really get what we’re supposed to be doing here.

I’m pretty sure this is above my pay grade.

Go to sleep, baby!

It’s turned, not turn. How do you get paid for this crap?

I’ve never actually been to a livestock auction before. I hope Miss W makes some good money today.

Good grief. The amount of email I receive at work throughout a day is insane.

Colloquial. Whatever.

I need a shower. I need to wash the fair off.

Why didn’t I get a funnel cake?

America is

Now that’s ironic.


See? She finally does a new Tandem and I don’t even get Random up on time.

I’m totally getting funnel cake Saturday.

I have to take Miss W to the Allegan Co. Fair some year. That’s the fair I grew up with. It’s 4 or 5 times the size of this fair. I saw all the big country names there too, back in the day.

Massage. Need.

This week is nuts.

Yeah, that’s about right.

I can’t fact check if I don’t know facts.

Now why would you go and ruin perfectly good cinnamon rolls like that?

Man. I’m beat.


I thought my quinoa joke was hilarious.