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Random Wednesday

wm5726I think people on Facebook should post in the same voice that they speak.

This is fascinating.

Yeah, procreate is not a hyphenated word. Just FYI.

I was thinking this morning that I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the definition of the word “just”. I don’t mean the “It was a just reward” definition, I mean the “I can’t just throw your arse out on the street, as much as I’d like to, you bastard” definition.  I suppose I’ve never actually seen the definition of most of the words in my vocabulary. It’s fascinating.

Gorgeous work! I like it even more since liberals apparently hate this woman for having 10 children.

I really feel that it is my duty, as a human on this planet, to be the official taste tester.

I’d be happy with Lynda Carter’s hair.

You lose points for the gold chain.

My feet are hot. I hate it when my feet are hot.

Stop pacing. Stop pacing. STOP PACING!!!


Saying “as well, too” is ridiculous.

Oh wow. There’s a window back there.

That girl is wearing the tiniest outfit. When did those skin tight mock turtleneck crop tops come back? Who dresses like that for class? The fly on her tiny shorts is unzipped. I feel it would be too awkward to say anything.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to write with blue ink. It seems so frivolous to me. I’ll probably still like you if you do though. It’s not a deal breaker.

She has Live Strong tattooed on her wrist. A yellow plastic bracelet was clearly not quite commitment enough.

I’ve actually been listening to the radio in the car lately. I can’t plug my iPod into the stereo in Deep Space Nine. Which is what I’ve named my behemoth. So I skip stations a lot, because that’s how I roll. So I think I like this song.

Also, if you wanna send me a mix cd, I’d really love it. For serious.

I don’t care. I want to see the photos from Angelina Jolie’s wedding. Don’t judge me.

I am thoroughly tired of hearing about “Radical Activist Leni Sinclair, Co-Founder of the White Panther Party.”

I really have got to get Nick Gillespie here.

WordPress is killing me this morning.

You should not be allowed to eat at meetings. Ever. I don’t want to hear you talking with your mouth full of food. Just stop. Just stop.

I don’t understand people who put nuts in brownies. Why would you ruin a perfectly good brownie like that?? It’s just mean!

The smell of your coffee is like tiny daggers of bitter enmity in my brain.

Why are you all so loud? All the time. All. The. Time. You’re so loud.

Oh my GOD I’m trapped in this meeting that I am completely irrelevant to. THERE IS NO ESCAPE. I hate this week.


Though I maintain that the animated version is better. Was better. Whatever whatever.

This has been stuck in my head for days. I had forgotten how much I loved this song.

I took a tiny tiny piece of pie, but it still isn’t tiny enough. Too. Much. Sugar.

And these are all the ways in which this room is not actually a FISH BOWL. gah.

… Really?

It’s not a toy.

I heard this on the radio too. I find it oddly mesmerizing. Oddly. I think it’s the chorus.

I can’t believe you spelled Pete Townshend wrong.

I can’t get anything done. Stop emailing me with your nonsense.

what if what if what if

Look. You can’t ask me the same questions over and over while I’m migranous and not expect me to be a little grumpy with you.

Just stop it with this foolishness already.

I’m so done with this week. I can’t even tell you. Make it stop.

Wait. How is it that “black pride” gets to be “righteous”?

I need something. Something that is not in this office.

No. I’d have to go to the store.


WTF is “white girl wasted”?

Huh. Facebook is brokenish. Oh well.

“Smartest dumbfucks in town.”

Ooooh! You can get long sleeved tees in my shop now! Go buy something! Quick! I’ll wait here.

I’m such a good person.


what am i supposed to do

scratch scratch scratch

Nope. Those are not the right keys.

ArGH flies!

It is time to read, if you’re reading.


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  1. ScottO

    Tight mock-turtle crop tops? I blame Lara Croft.

    Brownies with pecans are cool. Walnuts are just pointless.

    I’m sorry, Mrs. Townshend. Townsend. #Bqhatevwr

    Oh, yeah, that was yesterday, wasn’t it?

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