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Random Wednesday

wm6219ARRRRgghghhHH I hate this assignment. So much. So. Very. Much.

I need more Eggleston in my life.

How the hell did I end up with all day meetings? I don’t think my brain can take that much cologne.

Because your cologne is like tiny daggers of deep deep denial in my brain.

Little jazz hands dot dot dot

it’s stuck in my head so i’m sharing

I make no apologies.

I’m so sad because it’s going to fail. Which in turn makes me question continuing this post at all. Because I thought for sure that I had at least 25 regulars, and I thought for sure those 25 regulars loved Random enough to want a Random tee. sigh. I’m very sad. And, honestly, really bummed.

What a cool place.

Ohhhhhhh! I love Chagall. And Mirot.

Why do women wear so much eyeliner? Honestly, you might as well just take a Sharpie to outline your eyeballs. Tone it down, ladies.

“I need a tree cutting machine.”

Wait. Information Society is still around? Wow. How’d they manage that, I wonder.

She told me that if I drink warm jello my hair will grow faster.

Some cool stuff.

I’m not really a Malkovitch fan, but from a photographic view these are fantastic.

Why do people on this campus keep thinking I’m the go to person for this program? I have literally nothing to do with it.

I love Robert Downey Jr.

This is one of those “it’s not rape rape” situations, I guess. Disgusting.

GAaaargh. It’s one thing after another with the tech in this building.

One major bonus to wearing mostly black and gray is the absence of stains from things like the mustard I just got on both my skirt and my shirt.

I wish I spoke seven languages.

No one who works in an office should ever wear that much cologne. And they sure as hell shouldn’t go out and refresh it at lunch.

I wonder if I could rig up an iced coffee that doesn’t taste too God awful. It is a full service kitchen.

I love these meetings so much. It’s so much fun to be mocked for not being a great big leftie Dem like the rest of you.

This is fascinating!

I miss Rollinghead.

I think my thumb drive is wonked. I think I need a new one.

Well that was a coffee fail. In that I never even made it to the kitchen.

Most of the emails you mark high priority go straight into my trash. You need to learn to be more discerning.

Do you see this face? This face should tell you how much I care about your inability to connect to the WiFi with all thirty seven of your personal mobile devices.

This is not that kind of college.

Honestly. What self respecting man calls himself a

That’s probably too specific.

I posted in the past about a different Reason article that I’m reasonably certain Gillespie penned and said that while I agreed with it 100%, I probably wasn’t going to let Miss W watch South Park. Then I found out the Mister was already letting her watch it. Then I realized I was actually totally OK with that.

Ah yeah. Here it is.

el oh el

I don’t know what you think I can do about this problem from my dining room.

You’re spinning your wheels.

I don’t wear high heels.

I love you, Cranapple.

I’m loving this yarn. I might have to make myself a sweater with it. Probably in this color too.

I have too many WIPs.

Are we there yet?



  1. Dalee Camp

    I love opening your links in a new window to go look at during the in-between times. And I want a t-shirt. Sign up folks! It’s a chicken, we can wear a chicken on our chests. It reminds me of the Roseanne show chicken shirt that made it’s way through the cast. We can be that kind of awesome, only more so.

    • AntiJenX

      I honestly don’t know how I failed to make them open in new tabs for so long. Sometimes I’m a little obtuse.

      I totally forgot about the Roseanne chicken shirt!


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