wm7017I read that really wrong.

I don’t know about a Homeland without Damien Lewis.

I always miss messages in my “other” box on Facebook. It should notify you that there are messages there the same way it does for your regular in box.

My hair is a disaster this week.

I put my swipe card in my bra and then forgot about it. This is why dresses and skirts should always always always have pockets.

I should have been a copy editor. That is a fact.

The Jawas are kind of brilliant.

Well far be it from me to pathologize or stigmatize anyone. I was merely approaching it from a grammarian view.


Oh Come ON! Gloria Steinem for sure? How is this my job???

I think I have another migraine coming on.

Wow. Presenting little girls in princess dresses and having them recite profanity laden propaganda as facts in the name of feminism because we should stop objectifying women and girls and treat them as equals is simply another way of parading females in front of an audience as tools. It’s classless, it’s misogynistic, and it’s sad.

I don’t really get the whole sharing your birth story thing. I think this is one of those girl things that is just beyond me. It’s probably because I’m only half human.

Wow. I would not have known that that was Renee Zellweger.


I love this.

I may or may not have just very nearly fallen sideways off the yoga ball chair.

“Neither curiosity nor personal interest is a legitimate educational interest.”

I should probably eat something. Why is lunch always so problematic?

Foulmouthed guttersnipe.

We need some Chagall to make us happier.

all i need

This is interesting. The first half. The second half doesn’t really apply for me. The first half … I dunno. I say chronic migraine to people and they wince, but I think mostly people don’t really “get” that I am in pain almost every single day of my life. I think the Mister understands though. But even when I’m wanting to fall down and curl into a ball, I keep going. I will say “damn, my head hurts today,” but when I say that it’s because it’s especially bad. Like so bad it’s past my normal tolerance. I’m not complaining. I just have never seen an article like this before and thought it was worth noting.

I would like to take the kids to St. Ignace for a weekend. Bike around the Island. Like when I was a kid.

I would like to take them to Lake of the Woods for a week or two and stay in one of the cabins. I miss that. I miss that a lot.

I sort of thought that thing would have gotten moldy by now.

I think I will make some more short bread. Shortbread? I think it’s all one word. That was pretty good. I think I need to bake it an eensy bit longer this time.

I need an electrician, a landscaper, and possibly a roofer.

very specifically

I don’t have enough red ink.

I think I should eat these Sun Chips.

Honestly. Webmail is actually an incredibly useful tool if you people would bloody just use it correctly.

It’s a whole list of people to get through.

I really have to stop procrastinating these papers, but every time I think about working on them I feel paralyzed.

Damn. Sorry. Damn.

I think the pain is moving into my neck. Rather, spreading into my neck.

That’s about as diplomatic an approach as I am capable of.

I heard George Michael on the radio on my way to work this morning and it reminded me of this time I went dancing at the Warehouse. It was alternative night, so I have no idea why they were playing George Michael, who has never been alternative by any stretch of the imagination. A girl I used to know was walking across the dance floor. She paused and laughed at me and then walked on. Last I knew, she was living in Washington state.

This band sounds like Lush. But less British.

I did not eat the Sun Chips.

I need to order some tea. I’m almost out.

That’s the blue sky color you only see in the fall. It is fraught with potential disaster.

I never checked out that Battle Creek show. Is that still on? I still think it’s way dumb that it wasn’t actually shot in Battle Creek.

Then go to Meijer and get some Hershey bars!

“Name the people in We Didn’t Start the Fire!” But why would I ever want to do that?

Lawless Moon Killer

Have I mentioned how much I love fleece lined leggings?

I wish I was more of a gardener.

Where are all these mosquitoes coming from? It’s like 40 degrees!

I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wish I could just stay home and be mom.

This is fascinating.

I don’t smell like myself today. I smell rather dusty. How odd.

How odd.