wm0950If your sentence starts with “It’s none of my business, but …” you should just stop talking right there. Because it really is none of your business.

Gaaaah. I thought I was done. Dammit.

I love it when all my meetings get canceled. Unexpected time to catch up on all the crap!

Some very beautiful work. I am happy that overly Photoshopped work has been disqualified. I can’t decide if 20% is surprisingly high or surprisingly low.

I’d give up carbs for Lent if I were still Catholic and I didn’t think someone would end up dead.

I’m starting to hate the word “groundswell.”

awww yeah.

Lack of a college degree would not keep me from voting for someone. College degrees mean very little to me any more. This snobbery that pervades this country, and has for all of my life, that those with degrees are somehow more intelligent than those without, really is very offensive to me. It’s entirely baseless and utterly ridiculous.

I want to live in a cabin in the woods far, far away from all the people. Can someone give me a job I can do remotely please?

That’s gotta be the weirdest spam I have ever in my life received.

“People in VA are snow blowing snow that we don’t even bother to shovel.”

Yer a bertiful astrnaut

The weather is so much worse today than I expected.

I want some Gallium please. Also, I need to remember that for presents for the Tiny Time Lord and Miss W, because they would love that shit.

It just. Doesn’t. Stop.

Oh, hello, Oreo.

Yeah, that’s just kind of hilarious.

Except that we’re not all fat and have bad hair

“i just need one burger though.”

so much monday   monday everywhere   monday all over the place

… Except it’s Wednesday.

Hoooooow has it been thirty years already? How??


I’m about one passive aggressive email away from rage quitting.

I think a nap would go a long way toward improving my outlook on my existence right now.

Um. What?

You know what? I don’t care. I really just do not care what you do. Just stop talking to me.

I should have worn my glasses today. My eyes are all bleary.

At what point do you actually succumb to the rage quit urge? I guess I’m not that reckless, really.


I still need a Stand with Rand t shirt. Maybe now a Stand with Rand for President t shirt.

Um. Obviously I NEED this bag.

I think we have some potato chips.

I’m pretty sure that’s the same opening riff – can I say riff? – as Beast of Burden.

I just almost missed my chair and fell straight flat on my ass.

Well. Glad I didn’t drive home that way!

It was weird talking about Iran Contra in Constitutional Law the other day. I think the instructor and I were the only two people in the room who were alive when all that went down.

That is not good for you.

I should have taken my contacts out as soon as I got home. Gah.

I’m so happy you’re here!!! But I’m so sad that you’re here.

“It is like a totally different universe in this house.”

I think Offices Depot and Max should change their name to Maximum Office Depot now that they’ve merged.

Is Instagram broken? Dammit.

I won’t stand for this any more!

findyourownman dot com

unless you crack your head on the marble table …

“I think I’m getting old because I can’t remember the words that I used to remember.”

What does this remind you of?