wm 3206Apparently I failed entirely to post anything between last Random and this. If I can climb out of this hole I’ll try not to let that happen again this week.

This hurts my eyes.

“Sith generation Utahn.”

Don’t let the muggles get you down.

I don’t have a photo.

Fantastic. Now they have me sending mail to dead people.

This made me happy.


Wow. Bruce Willis’ genes are strong.

I want to transfer. I wonder if I can work there and get tuition just like here.

There should be a category on Good Reads called “Books I just could not finish, they were so awful.”

That sounds like a weird euphemism. Shave some Love.

This would make me homicidal.

No, seriously. I want to know. What is it with the internet and cats? I don’t get it.

You have a private message that will be deleted in 4 days earnestness.

I just don’t think that qualifies as a real problem. You can’t have my money.

There’s a photo. I feel like I’ve used it before. I guess I don’t care that much. I like it.

Crap. Meetings.

It sure would be nice to catch a break, here, Universe.

I just want to go home.

I guess maybe I didn’t use that picture before.

I cannot spell the word alphabetize correctly the first time ever. I suppose there’s some irony in there.

There. Bibliography sorted. For better or worse, this paper is done.

OFFS. That is all I can say.

That girl has a very large, starched lace bow in her hair. Hello 1987.

Honestly even if I set up a crowdfunding page, I bet it wouldn’t make the goal.

I wish I had a cup of tea. And my home. And not this place.

You do not have the right to not be offended.

“Name a celebrity!”
“Milton Friedman!”

I can’t fix what’s broken if no one tells me it’s broken. This is not complicated.

Maybe it’s a tumor. When was my last brain scan? It’s not a tumor. Tumah. I need better drugs.

Political parties were inevitable. The two party system was inevitable.

I just don’t see how a bloody math book needs to cost $120.00.

Yes. This is actually a good day for pizza. I just looked at the high for tomorrow. I want to cry.

Holy shit. I just saw Kim Kardashian’s outfit at the Brit Awards. From the back. Holy shit. That thing defies the laws of physics at every turn.

You’re a conservatarian!

Hmmm. That email is not good news.

This stupid phone only works when it wants to.

I like the word “foreign”. I don’t know why.

My hair is an actual disaster.

Parchment barriers are not sufficient.

I don’t understand girls who sit in classes and braid their hair.

I just realized I haven’t been listening at all.

Sometimes you get so lonely …

I had no idea that thing even existed. This is wonderful!

That’s a new and interesting pain.

Let’s give em somethin to there’s nothing to I don’t want your talk talk talking

Never mind never mind never mind I’M FINE, REALLY.

There comes a point in the day where you read a sentence like “But in both eras, strong House leaders were followed by weaker leaders, reflecting the countervailing electoral interests of individual legislators and the party, rather than the reintroduction of heterogeneous constituencies and congressional parties.” three or four times and it just stops making sense after you hit “countervailing.” Time to hang it up for the night I think.

What a spectacular disaster this week has been. What a profoundly bad week this has been.

But I suppose it could always be so much worse. Or so I’m told.

Where did I put that zen?????????????

I guess I’ll just go brush my teeth instead.