wm4375I always feel like somebody’s

I just don’t even feel very Random today.

God, this place. I can’t.

Ha. This cracks me up.

Did you hear about the fire at the circus?

Wow. That is some kinda weird.

I hate papers. I always panic.

Purposely. Perpetually.

marked down as

Yeah, you were concentrating. Concentrating on cutting a bitch.

I keep thinking there’s a whole extra week in June and it is messing me up for real.

All I really want to do right now is knit and watch Netflix.

Aw. I love it when people do stuff like this!

Wait. I just read the words “summer yarn sale”. That’s like waving crack under a junkie’s nose.

It’s hard to be motivated when your job is not terribly motivating.

I love this guy.

Man. I love this guy too.

I need some kind of absorbent coaster for my desk. Oh! I should knit one out of some dishcloth cotton!

I think maybe I’ll post this tomorrow. I have so very way too much going on today. sheebus.

Seriously. This is starting to feel like All Summer in a Day.

I for real need a standing desk. This shit is killing me.

Oh! I think those are peonies in my yard!

What? Now I have to prove to WordPress that I am human? Whatever.

OK. ok ok ok ok ok. I surrender, migraine.

Gah. I would so much rather be on the lighthouse right now.

I’m feeling totally blocked on this paper. It’s a bad thing. I need a shove. A big ol’ shove.

Oh my. Wait. Is that a chocolate chip cookie on that guy’s pants? OMG that hat. With the feather. On yellow pants.  Kaitex. Bringing you the dad-bod before it was cool.

And it’s just that easy to distract me from this damn paper.

My cube needs more tiny dinosaurs.

We need new phones.

We need to sell this house.

I need to graduate.

I need to not have this migraine.

I need to write this paper!

Why yes, I did just use the word “fomented.”

“Hate is carried in your heart, not in your holster.”

Speaking of. I hope my head will cooperate with TWAW night. There is nothing worse than shooting with a migraine. Nothing. Not even child birth. I had a migraine when I qualified for my CPL. It was horrific. 90 some degrees, literally dripping with sweat, and my head in total agony. I’m just glad I didn’t vomit.

Um yeah. That is awesome. I should knit something like that. If I ever have free time again …

Wow. It’s remarkable to me how that works. Boom. 3 full pages. Just like that.

That’s single spaced, by the way, she said, not a little smugly.

“Never fall under the delusion that you are free from violent people because you are where you are. Bad men do not care where your knees fall.”

Um. I’m so sorry, your honor, but this young man had every right to go online looking for a date. You have no business sentencing him to this gross injustice simply because you do not personally approve of his behavior. This is despicable.

I say I need more tiny dinos in my cube, suddenly my Facebook feed is full of my friends posting photos of things tiny dinosaur related. And they haven’t even read this yet! (Assuming they actually planned to read this …)

Um. Why the hell are backpacks so bloody expensive??

What is a slide and what is its purpose. Well, class …


I cannot stop yawning. All I want is sleep. Days and Days.

days and days

I wish I could sing.

I wonder how much the November Rain video cost to make.

I wonder if Slash ever just wants his damn hair out of his face already.

Oh come on. The Flame was not Cheap Trick’s finest moment.

OK. I need to get out of this Youtubian rabbit hole.

More drugs! Not that kind of drugs.

Um. This site kicks ass. That is all.

All I really want to do ever is knit and watch Netflix.

But now that you’ve told me I can’t, all I wanna do is use the procurement card. I all of a sudden need eleventy things for the office!

Yes, that is my makeshift range bag. Where else would I store the ultra violence?

Yeah, I don’t think I could listen to Twist and Shout over and over and over and over …

Stupid brain being stupid and hurty. Stupid.


(you totally just yawned)