wm 3629This guy is awesome.

That just seems so patronizing to me. I don’t know.

I don’t think you really thought that acronym through very well.

Let me know if you have more noodles Monday.

“If I had to pick one brutal dictatorship to live under, it’d be North Korea’s.”

It’s almost as if Random had magical powers of suggestion on the universe … I need millions of dollars! I need millions of dollars! I need millions of dollars!

I love this shirt so much.

You are something of consequence.

New Gchat is weird and the menu is messing me up and I don’t like it. You hear that Google? I don’t like it!

This might just be one of my new most favorite things ever.

Man. Life was such a good show. I wish they hadn’t canceled it.

YES! Um, Justice Sotomayor? It’s not about retaining “some” property rights. It’s about retaining ALL property rights.

Some are

Man. I never know where I stand with that woman. People say I have an attitude. Please.


“Yes, of course we have people in Michigan,” this flag says. “It’s just full of people. That is why we have a moose and an elk holding up this sign with a picture of what appears to be a jovially waving yeti on it. But everyone else here is people. And we totally know how to spell TUBER.”


“Let’s all go out for blended coffee drinks!”

“Don’t you want a bunch of new friends? Don’t you want ’em all to know where you are all the time?”

General anesthetic scares the shit out of me. Not even kidding. The thought of having zero control … God. Horrifying. And this isn’t even the worst that could have happened.

Sometimes I care so little about a subject that even when I am required to provide an opinion, I’m stumped. I do not care. I cannot even begin to formulate a response. I got nothin’. Total blank.  That’s pretty much my university experience summed up, right there.

With some notable exceptions. But still.

Well now it looks like a vagina.

Yeah. That’s pretty damn creepy.

I just think you should proofread your shit before you hit that publish button, that’s all. I speak from experience, yo.

Um. Toddlers are squirmy and disruptive because they’re toddlers.

Apparently there is a mouse living in my truck. Miss W named him Ted.

I hate days when I feel fat.

Huh. I remember doing something to my foot that hurt. I have absolutely no memory of what it was. Apparently whatever it was drew blood, which I clearly did not notice at the time.

I’m a mess.

I need a week’s worth of sleep and a solid 24 hours without crushing skull pain. I don’t think that’s too awfully much to ask, really.

Now there’s a real hero for you.

Surely I cannot be the only one who couldn’t make it through 100 Years of Solitude?

If you don’t like Gone With the Wind, don’t bloody read it.

Current weather: Migraine headache. No! Really?!

It’s likely my MacBook battery life is going to dictate my publish time this evening.

Math is almost over. Math is almost over. Math is almost over. Math is almost over. Math is almost over.

Wait. Am I doing that this week?

Oh. Maybe they were talking about the movie. Well don’t bloody watch it then.

Feelings. Precious baby howler monkey feeeeeelings.

Just in cases.

I kinda want an iced coffee.

Mike Rowe is so classy. And sexy. And awesome.


Oh. Ha. I thought that said David Bowie.

Time to switch to a longer cable, I reckon.

But where did I put my cables? Hmmmmm?