wm5182I got nothin today. Must be a good day to work on databases. Mindless.

I don’t think we can afford you, Neil Gaiman. And that makes me sad.

I think Neil Gaiman is a far better use of monies than Gloria Steinem or Anita Hill. He’s certainly more relevant.

So much bullshit comes out of her mouth I wonder if she even knows what the truth is.

It still surprises me that people don’t get my humor at all. #blessed

Publish or die!

I think the word I was actually looking for was perish.

Who the hell is Chely Wright?

The Ugly Duckling? Really?

You are Morticia Addams. Your tastes are eccentric to say the least, like Morticia from “The Addams Family.” You’re able to let your children explore life freely, but you are always there for them at the end of the day. You’re unique and not like the rest!

Damn skippy.

Actually, I think I took that quiz before already.

Well huh.

“They learn by testing, so they’ll have to take a test before they leave.” Um. What??

Diversity diversity diversity we’re not diverse enough we need more diversity diverse diversity diversity diversity!!!!!!!!1!!

No, non-liberals don’t count.

I don’t know about this season of True Detective. It’s just so … overwrought.


I’m trying to listen to this Night Vale podcast, and I’m just not really feeling it. Maybe it’s the migraine dregs. I don’t know. It’s just not grabbing me at all.

Also I don’t think I can listen to podcasts at work. I think podcasts might be strictly a car thing. Also I think it might be related to the fact that I can’t listen to audio books. I just tune them out after about 5 or 10 minutes. And since I can’t plug the iPhone that isn’t a phone into the car to listen, I guess podcasts are out. So OK then.

You are Lady Macbeth “Screw your courage to the sticking-place and we’ll not fail.” You are a strong, powerful, charismatic personality. People do what you say…or get the heck out of your way. You are practical, matter of fact, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. Your single-mindedness can make you a bit of a loner. Three course meals and fancy cocktails aren’t for you – you’re far too practical for that frou frou nonsense. Be careful that, in your drive for excellence, you don’t push everyone away. You might need friends when you least expect it.

erm. Hmmm. Out, damn’d spot?

syrup pants

I knew there was something wonked with her hair! Didn’t I say there was something wonked with her hair?

Interesting interview with Alan Moore.

Well. Now I’m going to have to buy this shirt.

I wouldn’t mind being objectified for a while.

I haven’t made a single FB post since Sunday. Huh. I wonder if anyone’s noticed.

do i look like a liar. do i look like a liar to you.

Seriously. Stop sending crap out before I proof read it.

I am not loving this bologna sandwich.

I’m pretty sure I need a skirt in this pattern.


I have completely lost track of what I was doing. I need caffeine.

Gah. Michael Sandel. I do not enjoy this man. Not even a little.  Better that one should die so that five could live?

Um no, you moron. Shoving the fat man on the track is straight up murder.

But I guess I can listen to TED talks while working. That seems to work.

I do not even know.

Sorry for Corey Feldmanning you.

No that wasn’t a euphemism.

What the hell did I just step on?

Now I want a donut.

I had no idea that even existed. I am going to make full use, post haste.

I wish I could talk to the dead. I wish I could read minds.

Watts! I love Watts! I love that movie.

That is not sitting well in my stomach. Ugh.

ugh ugh ugh