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Random Wednesday

wm photo 3(1) smallNo Costume, No Candy just popped into my head. I must be ready for October.

I really don’t understand Snapchat.

Heater in the morning, air conditioning in the afternoon. Must be August in Michigan.

I need a dog. We need a dog. The Compound needs a dog.


You want $15 an hour for your drive through job but when I ask you not to put sugar in my iced coffee you give me twice the sugar. When I ask you not to put mayonnaise on my chicken, you put mayonnaise on my chicken. When I ask you for ketchup only, you give me all the toppings. Hell, every so often you straight up leave half my order out of the bag entirely. Right. I can see how you clearly deserve $15 an hour.


OMG the comments. This seriously cracked me up. And of course she then had to explain the joke. So sad.

Disaster hair.

OMG I’m so old.

Oh, I get it now. Kevin Carson is just a Marxist.

I actually made a conscious effort to stop using the possessive s when referring to Meijer after working there. I can’t remember why.

I think that when they reset the air conditioning in this place Monday, they made it even colder. Tiny space heater, I love you so.

Oh my God. “… anything is a toy to a baby—a pillow, a t-shirt, a plastic cup, a spoon, a newspaper, your keys, a vacuum-sealed pound of weed, 3K in large bills, anything. ” I am seriously loving this column.

Ooooh! I want it!!!

“A glass of red wine can keep your brain 7.5 years sharper.” Maybe. A glass of red wine can also trigger a full on migraine so bad you literally can’t see out of one eye and you spend the rest of the evening in the dark bathroom so you can vomit from the agony. Guess I’ll stay dull.

All of the things I would like to say to you, but am not allowed.

I should make a batch of short bread.

I should include a batch of short bread with every shawl.

No, I shouldn’t. That’s ridiculous.

Every time I type the name Dave I accidentally type Fave first and have to fix it.

I need to get this paper done and move on with my life, yo.

It’s possible there are tiny tiny men inside my skull trying to tunnel their way out through my forehead. Possibly.

Investigate the disappearance of a better life.

I will never be able to listen to the original again. It’s like a completely different, completely beautiful song.

I’m branching out and including pretty knit scarves for People Who Need Shawls Knitted for Them. People Who Need Shawls and Scarves Knitted for Them. Not like winter scarves. Fancy scarves.

Tiny tiny eggplant.

My truck is fixed! My truck is fixed! My truck is fixed!

That shawl in the new Vogue Knitting with the wings? That is super cool. I might just need to learn double knitting now.

I can’t believe I ate that whole thing. I must have been very hungry.

Why are frogs so happy?

I mean. I guess morally. If it’s the only way to survive. And that person was pretty much going to die anyway. I don’t know.

Goodbye Outlaw Country. I’m going to miss you.

Ha. She said “unthaw”. I wonder if she’s from Michigan.

Vexed is a very good word.

Hmm. Remora doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I would Facebook like, really.

Clap your hands!


I wonder if it would make any difference.

Wow. That lady looks exactly like that other lady.

tinker tinker

I don’t think I knew that existed.


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  1. ScottO

    Great. Now instead of “but I don’t know how”, I’ll be singing “but I’m not allowed.” Thanks, Jen.

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