wm5462no sleep no sleep no sleep no sleep no sleep

I don’t actually care about this crap. Stop forcing the issue.

The Health and Human Services building smells really good. Why can’t they make my building smell like that? My building smells like fish. It’s disgusting.



It’s a blanket apology.

I don’t want to read my own paper. I never want to read my own papers.

Holy shit. That IS Rick Springfield!

I just don’t understand where all this alleged “period shaming” is happening.

My brain is awful quiet today. Weird.

Everyone here starts all their sentences with “so”. I’ve noted this before. But it’s getting worse. Every sentence. Even in emails. It’s bizarre.

Why is it always Morley cigarettes?

Gah. I keep thinking it’s Friday. But it’s not. It’s Wednesday. And tomorrow isn’t even Friday. Tomorrow is Thursday. And tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. Dammit.

ick ick ick ick icky ick

I think it wants to rain. We need more rain. The leaves are starting to fall too early.

I can’t really watch these videos. But you should read Kira’s article. Particularly the quote about the brain.

Just give me all the babies.

Hmmmmm I hope this works out the way I hope it’s going to. I think it’s going to be very pretty.

I have no idea what to have for dinner. But I’m pretty sure I don’t want pizza.

Yes, you heard correctly.

i ain’t the girl that lives next door

All the babies. All of them.

I sure did like it better when I didn’t know so much and so little about all of everyone.

I forgot I was going to make shortbread.

I wish I could sing.

I wish my hair would grow faster.

I wish lots of things.

That’s one easily verifiably outright false post too many for me today, Facebook. Y’all make me so tired.

You’re all for defunding this stuff until something you care about is facing a big hit. Then you’re all “whoa there! Back the truck up!” That’s not hypocritical or anything. Nope.

It looks like maybe it decided it did not want to rain after all. The weather is taunting me. Harlot.

Still Life, With Cats

I do not have the energy for you right now.

The wise course would be to not take on another project until this time next year, when I’m completely done with school.

The wise course.

You’re using up the whole internet!

I think I fell asleep for a while there …

How did I get sucked into that vortex? Sheesh.

I didn’t even check this for typos.

I need to catch up on the Blacklist.