wm 5494OFFS What oppression???

Boy, Allison and Joe sure do fight a lot.

Wait. Am I missing it? There’s no search function on the Photojojo site? That can’t be right, can it?

It’s almost caramel apple cider season!!!!

Goats are evil man.

I live in a Reply All hell.

“How can I be more Pacific when I’m so Atlantic?”

That chick was not stranded on a desert island to be rescued by Google Earth, y’all.

This is just the neatest thing.

I’m feeling rather lonely at this moment. Maybe I’ll just backspace that.

All my pants are either too big or too small. This is incredibly frustrating.

Ducky dis. Will
That was supposed to say
Fuck yes I will

The dangers of a touch pad keyboard and a brisk walk.

Now I have the Cure stuck in my head. Yay.

you’re my favorite flavor

time time time

I have Laura Ingalls Wilder hair today.

I always type “certainyl” first and have to fix it.

Wow, I really can’t believe how busy I’ve been today.

The Steve plan needs to happen. Definitely.

And just like that, it’s 4:00. I don’t even know how this happened. What a ridiculous day.

la la la la la


I need to get it together. Together, man! Together!

I’m never smug. Please.

It’s easier to get fat than it is to get unfat. I’m just pointing that out.

He wasn’t trying to rip her hair off. He was trying to rip her head off.

That just makes me feel lonely.

I’m sorry, but a few of these books/series are spectacularly awful. And as much as I loved The Mists of Avalon, I will never be able to read Marion Zimmer Bradley again.

He’s so classy. Wow.

I’m serious about the German Shepherd.

Books are not for ripping to bits.

Big nope candy mountain.

You have not answered my question, sir!

boom. pow. zap.

Wait. What? No.

I’m sort of dreading this class.

Oh. I think I might be dreading this semester.

I think I might dread every semester.

I have to finish my thesis. I have to finish my thesis. I have to finish my thesis.

I may wear my hair like this until the end of my days.

I kind of like this. I can see me wearing it.

How am I hungry?

Wow. I just remembered Dada.

A little bit maybe.