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Random Wednesday

wm9742Amass pie, amigo!

But what if pillaging was the whole reason I wanted to be a Viking in the first place?

It’s funny because whenever I think of that album cover I see sheep and in reality they’re dogs.

What other way would you take to Traverse City?

I thought this was really interesting.

I don’t love To Kill a Mockingbird like other people love it. I don’t actually love it at all. It’s not on my list of favorite books of all time. I thought it was good. But it’s not something I go back to over and over. I only read it the once.

Migraine won this time. I feel like hell.

Hey Instagram? If I wanted to be on Snapchat, I’d be on Snapchat. But I don’t. I want to be on Instagram. Come on.

I’m having a hard time caring about a long list of things right now. I’m really OK with that.

Why is food always so problematic for me? Stupid food.

I can’t remember what I was supposed to do now.

I should just wear my Day of the Dead headband as a normal hair accessory.

Well that was a failed book experiment. Rather disappointing.


Why do I keep doing this?

Well that button works.

I suppose I’m not the type of person that inspires other people to do those kinds of things.

It would help if you provided us with account numbers so that when I send you a check to pay a bill you actually apply the money to the correct debt.

It’s too hot. I need it to be fall. Fall weather. Not fall time-wise. I’m not ready for school to resume. Not at all.

Sorry for the site, but you won’t be sorry you looked. Very cool.

gah. Kinda sick of that Clash song now.

I know it’s not terribly long but

I really like this purple. It’s so dark and mysterious. It will be so pretty when it’s finished.

There’s still time to order this super cool t shirt.


Maybe I’ll just start watching Supernatural all over again from the beginning. Maybe. Shut up.

Look. If you’re just going to leave and not take your Thin Mints with you, I’m going to appropriate them for my own consumption.  You can’t just let perfectly good Thin Mints go to waste. That’s just wrong.

I suppose I could be reading right now.

I think those parents in AZ ought to be shot. But then I get a little cranky when morons leave their baby home alone to go play a stupid game.


Stop spitting on me.

I could have done without Beyonce’s booty jiggle, but hells yeah, Jeff Goldblum. That is a damn good looking man.

Stop running me over with your demolition truck. I brought you into this world, I will take you out of it. As the saying goes.

Why am I still here?

I’m reading The Goldfinch and re-reading American Gods. In case you were wondering. Now that I sort of have time to read for fun again. I should make a book list. Or you could just friend me on Goodreads if you want. I don’t judge your book choices.

Unless you rave about Dave Eggars. Then we can’t be friends. At all.


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  1. ScottO

    Me, too. We read Mockingbird in high school, and I’ve never read it again. The Phantom Tollbooth, on the other hand, I’ve read twice plus.

    The list of things I don’t care about is infinite.

    Why not?

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