wm9949How is it the last day of August already? How is that even possible?

Johnnie Walker Black? Yes please.

Thanks, but I generally prefer my tea to *not* taste like I’m drinking a campfire. Just say no to lapsang souchong.

What good is a clock that moves at half the pace of a normal clock? And why would I pay $88 for it??

I’m just here.

That meeting actually took the whole hour. My whole morning is gone.

hula mula girls

Look. I’ll be the first person to admit that I have a cheddar cheese pretzel Combo problem.

Wow. I’ve just had no time for you today. And now there is Muppet drama. Poor Red.

Oh Lord. You should just stay out of this one, lady. You do not want to start some shit with a bunch of libertarians.

Gah. I hate looking up homeschool crap and being directed to “our favorite [insert subject here] book!!” and realizing it’s all God based.

The point is that the guy is a moron. I know you missed that in all your moral outrage, so I’m just spelling it out for you. Again. Cos I pretty much said that to begin with.

I just can’t get enough of this Mumford and Sons album lately. I love it.

Ugh. My iced tea tastes funky. But I need a soda break. le sigh.

It kinda tastes sorta cheese-y. Which is incredibly weird.

I’m at a loss.

Well no, I don’t actually want to learn how to use yet another design software. But hey thanks.

I think this tea might be making my stomach feel icky. I think I’m going to trade it in for a Diet Dr. Pepper. Because yum.

Yes. Yes, that was the correct choice.

About your instructor …


Holy wow. Hell’s bells.

And whatnot.

I do not have any unread messages in my inbox, Office 365. Lying bastard! I hate Office 365 so so so so much.

And now I can never have a medical marijuana card. Not that I was after one, but still.

We need more libertarians in office. That’s just a fact.

You must have tiny tiny cows.

Tiny ickle coos! With tiny ickle moos!

My interwebs’re totally wonked, yo.

What’s up with that beard-thing, Alton Brown?

OK, yeah, I’m in.

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” All. Over. The. Place.

Honey Crisp!!! Mah fave-oh-rit.

There. I wrote myself a note and everything.

red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather

goodnight, ladies. goodnight.