4312115869_f1498b173e_oArgh. I hate these stupid doors so much.

I need to print this and hang it outside my cube.

I am not Google. I am not Google. I am not Google. I am not Google.

I will freely admit to you that I have never read Wuthering Heights. I really have no idea why.

I have, however, read Jane Eyre approximately 47 times.

Yes, I know they were written by two different Brontes, thank you very much.

Um. I’ll take Jane Eyre. Or Frankenstein. Or Poe. You know how I feel about Eddie. Eddie is my homeboy. Please. Thank you.

I like tacos. I can only think of one person who doesn’t like tacos and she doesn’t like much of anything.

money money money money money money money money money

“Toxic sentimentality” might be my new favorite phrase.

Um. Hell yes.

The thing that makes Lena Dunham a “sack of flaming garbage” is the fact that she’s a horrible human being. It has absolutely nothing to do with what she looks like and everything to do with how she treats people.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

But all is right with the world again.

Honestly. Hiddleston is much too young for me anyway. Allow me to repeat myself: I like my men like I like my Scotch. At least 10 years older than me and strong enough to knock a hippie across the room.

I have a shocking number of links for you this week. Haven’t been linking much at all lately.

“Exaggerating the risks of allowing children some unsupervised time has significant costs besides the loss of children’s independence, freedom and opportunity to learn how to solve problems on their own,” Sarnecka said. “As people have adopted the idea that children must never be alone, parents increasingly face the possibility of arrest, charges of abuse or neglect, and even incarceration for allowing their children to play in parks, walk to school or wait in a car for a few minutes without them.”

I just marked “bachelor degree” as the highest level of education I’ve received for the first time in response to a question. That’s kinda cool.

“You may not be as blessed with easy charm and cunning as some other Starfleet Captains we could mention, but this means you’ve had to sharpen up your other skills, most notably as a tactician and a diplomat. As well as being supremely clever, you have an exceptionally long fuse, which allows you to play the long game in matters of extreme delicacy, even when tempers are becoming frayed all around you. This means you can lead your loyal crew less by instinct and more by a keen understanding of the best way to navigate some extremely strange situations. ”

Huh. Honestly I expect Captain Sisko. I do love Patrick Stewart. Sisko will always be my favorite though.

What? Hugh Laurie has a new series? Yes please!

Thanks to Stormageddon, this song has been firmly entrenched in my skull for a full week. Unrelenting. It is kind of a great 90s esque shoegazer poppish little number though. In a Boo Radleys sort of way. At least it’s not awful. I don’t hate it at all. I just would maybe like a break from the damn chorus.

It is so humid that it set the smoke alarms off in the old Compound this evening. Ridiculous.

Seriously. Ridiculous.

Of course the semester started out fraught with technical difficulties. Of course.

Huh. That person is kind of an idiot.

you’re your you’re your you’re your you’re your you’re

You probably could have figured out the answer to that question yourself with just a few minutes of careful reading.

So much to do before I do the thing I need to do. do be do be doo.

I ran out of links. I just typed rena instead of ran.

Yeah, I have no idea.

Evidently I created a category I have never used. Huh.

I need to take my contacts out.

I’m at a total loss about my hair. I just can’t even deal with it anymore. And my bangs seem to have stopped growing completely.

I don’t know who the craft hippies are.

I do know I dozed off there for about 10 minutes and am not really altogether awake right now.

And it’s too late for a cuppa tea.