If you look at me like I’m a crazy person for wearing a costume to work on Halloween, I’d better not see you in a holiday sweater come Christmas.

Also, you’re completely lame and have no joy.

Holy wow! I didn’t listen to the audio, but what an amazing thing.

It’s not looking good for having this out to you before Friday. This week is the very definition of insanity.

and i’m gonna

Oh boy. I hope you’re not getting sick.

Way to go, Bill Weld, you asshat.

Oh look at this lovely sandwich!

Today is not the day for tomatoes.

That entire email from Amazon featured my friend Marko. So neat!

There’s no there there.

I might be considered an adult. In some circles.

cos i’ll miss you when you’re gone

I don’t think you’re going to be able to pull up to the back door. They appear to be planting bushes in the dark.


Great. Now I’m getting sick. Because I have time for that foolishness.

If you didn’t ask questions yesterday, you have no business asking questions today.

Yeah, I still don’t really get the whole Hamilton thing.


As a political scientist, I find the number of my liberal friends who report nightmares about Trump winning the election, which is not an inconsiderable figure, juxtaposed with the number of my conservative friends who appear to have no such (reported) nightmares about a Clinton win, endlessly fascinating. I myself never dream about politics at all. You’re all beautiful humans and you worry too much.

I should have gone into political psychology.

I might be the only human who does not actually care about the Cubs winning.

Why do I always want to add an e to hours?

I don’t wanna be sick. *sob*

I just wanted to

It’s astonishing how much time that whole thing has eaten up. And there’s still more to do. le sigh.

I haven’t done this much typing in years.

That’s how we did used to do things, and no one told me we’d stopped.

I’m pretty sure I’m death right now.

Argh. I dismissed you already.

I hate you, Outlook.

I think I forgot to put deodorant on this morning.

Oh look. A delicious donut.

Holy unprofessional move, Batman. What the actual hell.

Space is limited so act now!

I’m sort of hungry. I guess.

I’m reasonably certain that your tone is entirely out of line.

OK I seriously just hit the wall. I don’t even know what I’m even doing right now. Even.

and i’ll miss you when you’re gone

I’ma hit publish before I go home. You’re welcome.

I wish I had had time to work on that paper this week. Now I’ll have to work on it Sunday. I would rather have done it when it was all fresh.

I typed dresh.

WTF truck. W. T. F.

I have no idea what this even means.

but it’s the only