15“For all of my “friends” that voted their conscience, not their fear: I hope your conscience sleeps well tonight …” Well yes, I slept very well last night. The only time you should be able to sleep well is when your conscience is clear, and mine very much is.

Honestly, it must be so exhausting to be so outraged all the time.

And enough with the fear mongering already. This, despite how much you might like it to be, is not actually the end of the world.

No, really. I promise you: The world is not actually ending right now.

I had no idea today would be so busy. Nutty.

Argh! My notebook got wet and now I want to throw it out and start a new one because the pages dried all wrinkly and they don’t lay flat anymore. ARGH!

Honestly, I should have just gone ahead and run for township clerk. If nothing else, at least I could have gotten our area new and more interesting “I voted” stickers.

I don’t know why it irritates me so much when Canadians pipe up about our elections, but it does.

You can’t trust cute people who say feel good stuff.

We’ll build a wall up north too. An ice wall. It’ll be all Game of Thrones and shit.

Who takes notes with a Sharpie??

I bet I’ma sleep right through that one.

Watching the mass hysteria today has been fascinating and bizarre. Truly fascinating and bizarre.

Gah what is even the point in posting this today? Literally no one cares.

You know what musta happened?

I can’t stop yawning. You guys. I’m so tired.

I wish I could make a cup of tea right now.

Man, fuggit. I’ma take a break and get some knitting done. Finally. Stupid week.

I’m not so sure I even want a woman president, but if I’m going to have one, I want one who isn’t a vile, corrupt, hypocritical, power mad fiend. I would have been embarrassed for my sex had Clinton won the election.

But. But. I don’t even really

I think one of the things that kills me is that there are actually “election counselors” that are being made available to people to help them process their feelings.

I think this post is going to make me very unpopular among some people.

Well. Let’s be honest. This post is going to make me more unpopular.

It’s just a stage name. Come on.

milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk

Yes, that whole pizza is still sitting there.


BLTs for dinner? Yes please.

I’m going to stick my head under some really hot water.

Wait. Is it supposed to be cold or spring like tomorrow? This November weather has been so schizophrenic.

Wow. She is unhinged.

I feel like I should have eaten a second BLT. It’s not like we use super thick bread or anything.

Ooh! I should make pumpkin bread this weekend!

Also I should write that bloody paper.

So need a break from all the bloody papers.

I need tea and fioricet. Pretty much now. I’ll settle for fioricet.

Well. Chickens. I don’t know.

Oh damn. I almost forgot to upload a photo. Tell you what. I’ll give you one from the archives.

Oh! It’s dancin’ time.

Except. No.