I very nearly forgot it was Wednesday again.

I forgot to post my Christmas song yesterday. Boo.

Shortbread. You beautiful thing, you.

If you were looking for the perfect Christmas gift for me, look no further.

Look, how was I supposed to know she would be taking over the gravely imperative task of ordering pens? We needed pens, I ordered them, like I’ve ordered them twelvety seven times before. So sorry I offended everyone by ordering bloody pens.

Me: “I guess I don’t know much about Mattis.”
B: “Well you know that quote.”
Me: “What quote?”
B: “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”
Me: “Wow, that’s basically my motto.”

Owwwwwwwwwwwwww I have no idea what I just did but owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Today is shaping up to be just plain dumb.

I dunno. Should I take down my Gary Johnson sign? Is that really necessary?

Seriously, how is it Wednesday again already?

That’s not even a safety pin. It’s a horse blanket pin.

I have one I use on my shawls. I rather like it. But it’s just there to keep the shawl on. There’s no statement there.

Sheesh. Now I feel like I can’t wear it anymore. Thanks LeBron.

Yeah, I’m not doing that again. I’ll just keep signing out.

Not gonna happen.

It’s sort of a police and corrections officer punishable by dumping hot tea Day. ~ JenniferBot

Those wacky libertarians. Always ahead of their time.

Crap. I waited too long to eat. Blood sugar has plummeted.

Aw, I love surprises in campus mail! … nice surprises. I love nice surprises.

I don’t know what series to watch on Netflix now.

So much for fast.

Gah. Shoulda just gone with Two Fellas.

180 years ago Michigan lost Toledo and gained the U.P. I think we made out better than Ohio in that deal.

Madonna looks like hell. I’m just gonna say it.

Yeah, I’ll pass on those socks, thanks.


Is it weird that half the books in my To Read (for fun) stack are political theory?

Crap. What was I just gonna say?

That Blue Bloods show isn’t bad. I love Tom Selleck. But the theme music is awful.

total. not total. total. not total. total. not total.

Stupid truck.

I just accidentally thought about how massive Clifford the Big Red Dog’s poop would be.

Huh. Miss W is a Stray Cats fan. Nice.

Holy crap. It’s Wednesday and I did not eat waffles for dinner. Clearly it is the Apocalypse.

Not bad. I think I prefer Johnette Napolitano’s cover though. I mean. If you’re going to listen to a cover. Just. You know. Memories.

How is this whole thing on YouTube? Oh it’s a crappy cam. Don’t watch it.

That was a good soundtrack.

I need to take these contacts out. Ugh.

Oh Dolly.

The time has completely gotten away from me once again. So sorry.

So sorry for your troubles.