wm0595Well. That was harrowing.

Not unlike my day thus far.

I just think saying “edible food” is a tad redundant in this instance. I mean why would you have an INedible food forest? You wouldn’t.

“Madonna says women who voted for Trump hate women.”
“Well, what’s to like?”


Because why not?

Wow, the trainees on this Quantico show seem spectacularly naive.

My eyebrows have been woefully neglected these many weeks.

Have you checked out lymtml.com yet? Why not? What’s wrong with you?

I need a nap. And a break.

PLEASE tell me you are not actually this stupid. PLEASE.

Dammit. I spilled something on my skirt.

I’m so glad I found that rock. I thought it was lost. It was in my camera bag the whole time.

Huh. Maybe it was just water.

Winter storm warning. Wheeeeeee!

OMG Jill Stein, go home. Just go home already.

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be editing this damn photo.

Why won’t you work, font? Why? This is your sole purpose for existing.

That took entirely too much time. Entirely. So dumb.

I do not have nearly enough Diet. Dr. Pepper to get me through the next two hours. That is a fact.

Yep. The day has escaped me entirely.

Huh. I don’t think I like this photo.

I’m pretty sure waffles are a Wednesday night dinner fact at this point.

Yay, my sweater is dry, I can weave in ends!

And whiny. Naive and whiny.

Wait. I hate weaving in ends …

Oh look. It’s Thursday. I wove in ends. I’m wearing mah sweater. Go me.

Oh there’s the snow.

Oh and there’s the headache.

This morning calls for coffee and a cinnamon roll. And I’m not going to get either.

I need the job that pays me to travel the world photographing ruins. That job is perfect for me.

Dude. You’ve delivered here before. Trust me.

I don’t know. Did people think all these rock stars were going to live forever? Frankly it’s a shock that some of them have lived as long as they have.

Did you know you can like Instagram comments now? I just noticed this the other night. So strange. But kinda cool, actually.

OMG The next four years are going to be freaking exhausting.

stop snowing stop snowing stop snowing stop snowing stop snowing stop snowing

It sure is going to be an interesting new year …

Tonka. Yawn.

I have no memory of liking Men of Science Fiction, but damn! Karl Urban.

She’s really beautiful.

These portraits are fantastic.

Hello Triscuit my old friend. I’ve come to snack on you again.

And kind of unstable. Naive, whiny, and unstable.

You liked 6,683 things this year.

I should probably take my glasses out.     I mean my contacts.

I think they’re doing yoga right now.

I think this might be the job I have for the rest of my life. I have mixed feelings about that. Very very mixed feelings.

This cup of tea is so lovely and warm and comforting and gosh I love tea so much.

Why does my ear hurt?

Well. So much for this evening.

I’m just a walking disaster.