wm0565OK, before you go any further, here’s your soundtrack.

And just like that – Instagram becomes even more like Snapchat. Staaaaaahp.

Sometimes I look at a word I’ve seen and used a million times and suddenly it doesn’t look like a real word anymore. It doesn’t look like a word I have ever seen. It’s a disorienting experience.

I’m just let it go. ~Jenniferbot


This is a really good piece by Glenn Greenwald that says “we told you so” but in a much nicer way.

Gah. I can’t work with your sentence fragments.

I don’t think Esquire actually knows what “eschewing” means …

I don’t know. I’m kinda sorry I did it now. Bah.

Yawn. The Supreme Court has ruled on this TWICE. People need to let it go. Is it disrespectful? Yes. Is it treason? Um no.

No really. It’s like being drugged. I don’t even understand it at all.

Yeah, that’s assuming I’m coming back.

Tomorrow is the first. Tomorrow is the first. Tomorrow is the first.

Only tomorrow is it acceptable to begin listening to Christmas music.

Wow. You. Wow.

I still think this is the neatest project. I wish I could do something like this.

I don’t know what the hell that even is.

I had no idea I’d so quickly come to loathe the word “copy”.

I can’t say I was ever a fan of Marky Mark but I am a fan of Mark Wahlberg the actor, and I like what he has to say in this interview.

Please just stop. This is not my job. This is your job. I am not going to do your job.

You might not like it here very much, but at least you can say you don’t like it here very much and not worry about being thrown in prison for saying it.

Wait. This is Wednesday, isn’t it?

I don’t actually care: a memoir
I don’t actually care: Staff memo
I don’t actually care: the Lifetime movie

Wow. Whole lot of time got away from me there.

I don’t want my lunch.

Also tired of “take action”. Maybe you should just not take any action. Maybe you should just take a damn break from taking action. Not everything requires a frigging movement.

I feel like going out for lunch. But I don’t know where I feel like going out to. Also I’m going out for lunch with my dad tomorrow. I should just eat my stupid lunch.

I can’t believe tomorrow is December already.

I don’t            –    What?

OMFG stop calling everyone Girl.

Jesus. This guy’s name is Colin Crouch and I keep calling him Barty Crouch.

Gah. All these theorists talk in derogatory fashion about our free market, as if that were a thing that actually existed.

I just want a drink of my iced tea, dammit! Is that really so much to ask??

you were all i ever

Shut up, bird!

Yeah, I just did that on spec.

OMG I just remembered I have Combos!!!

Oh. Gee. Thanks for the monkey wrench.

Well, it is only Wednesday.

I love you, Diet Dr. Pepper. I love you even more than Dr. Pepper 10. There. I said it.

You have no idea how Excel works, do you?

Why are you so loud? We’re not hard of hearing. STOP YELLING AT ME.

Shut up. I ate my lunch. I was good.

Well some people think I’m hilarious.

I don’t know why you’re asking me. It’s not like I know anything.

shit shit shit shit shit

Don’t. Worry. About. It.

Kind of a tough decision.

It is time to READ.