I don’t know. I think there’s something about me that generally just

The faces on these ridiculously spendy apostles look like the faces in these family photos.

Crap. I need to clean out the closets.

Also I need to clean out the garage once and for all. Dammit. As soon as April gets here I’m cleaning out the garage.

What? Have you been to the Mitten in January? Not exactly garage cleaning weather.

This person has spelled declaration three different ways in this email.

I completely ran out of steam.

Well I don’t keep those things.

Don’t you mean anti-federalists?

Look, if it’s not on your calendar, I can’t schedule around it.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyy is it so bright in here all the damn time?

I don’t know when, I don’t know if

I really could have used a longer nap.

Oooooh I’ve been unfriended. I wonder who it was. That hasn’t happened in a while.

I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna finally figure out this whole sewing thing. I really want those two dresses, and the only way I’m gonna get them is to make them. If I can knit, I can sew. Dammit.

They say “What’s that supposed to mean?” an awful lot on Supernatural.

Aaaaand this is why I’m fat.

Does every post you make have to be filled with sarcastic dickery? Really? You’re not actually smarter than everyone. I know you might like to think you are. But you’re not.


No, really, I’m seriously asking. Is it even possible for you to stop talking?

Ack! No. A friend posted this because she loved it and I looked and it made me so tense. I just want to yell “Clean up those messes!!!!” How funny. I love being reminded how differently art affects people.

Wow, that’s the first time all year that I’ve typed 2017 instead of 2018. Not bad.

There is an astonishingly convenient prevalence of unpaved crossroads available to the Winchesters.

out of place

mise en place

Such a devastating disease. These photographs are so beautiful.


I can’t help it if you don’t like me. It’s not really my problem.

me. anywhere.

I will make the request, but I make no promises.

It’s official. I need a third monitor.

I improved it a little.

Fuck it. I quit. I quit everything. I’m defeated. 100%. You win.

Ha. This came up in my FB memories: Apparently my “How to Be a Girl” manual was missing the chapters on “How to See Everything as Sexual Harassment” and “How to Be a Perpetual Victim and Call It Feminism.”

Radio Racquetball

This is exhausting.

I haven’t listened to Tori Amos in a very very long time.

These carrots aren’t quite mushy enough.

Like just GTFO me while I’m trying to cook. This is hilarious.

I need a dog. Probably.