If you’re going to change the long gun age requirement to 21, you’d better change the enlistment age requirement as well.

I think this is hilarious.

I blasted Biden for telling women to grab a shotgun and shoot through the door for several reasons, not least of which is that shooting through a door is just stupid. But aside from that, a good shotgun is the best home self defense firearm you can own.



Yeah, turns out I don’t actually have any interest in reading this article at all.

Well. Don’t build shit in a floodplain.

uggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh interviews. Just intuit how awesome I am, K?

You know what? Stop telling me you have tasks for me. It’s kind of demeaning.

But no. Because no.

Yeah, it’s been long enough. Time to get going on this.

I have been astonishingly busy today. You may not get this post until later. And I’ve been so good lately too.

Also I should just change the name of this site to Random Wednesday since I never post anything else any more.

Also I am tired and forgot what I was going to say next.

Really? You can’t change a battery?

I’ve driven through a lot of corners and pieces. Sometimes I forget.

It’ll be OK. You’re nice people.

Yeah, but if a surrogate is carrying a baby that is not biologically hers, I see no issue at all with the biological parents paying her for it. Is this bill about that or is it regarding a surrogate carrying a child that is biologically hers? Cos yeah, that’s kind of icky. I don’t have enough information here.

But no, let’s just keep blaming the NRA for the whole thing. Cos that makes sense.


Yeah, but it’s not like the angels become nice later. They’re pretty much always dicks. Which Dean will consistently remind you of. “Angels are dicks.”

Well I know this. I know what isn’t working.

“Here’s the thing – fuck everyone.”

I just want to look. I don’t want to fucking sign up for shit.

Oh, cheese.

I admit, I did not really pay attention to the Amanda Knox case when it was in the news. I did not know details until just this week, actually. Now I have to say I am completely appalled that she and her boyfriend were convicted of that poor girl’s murder. It seems patently obvious that they were innocent.

ILU Alibris.

Ohhhh. Happy birthday, Jensen Ackles. You know I usually prefer the old dudes, but you are among a few notable exceptions.

P.S. totally love my husband, thank you.

This is why I can’t listen to podcasts at work. I realize I’ve completely stopped listening after about 20 minutes and have no idea what’s going on.

How is the paperback only $3 less than the hardcover? That is patently ridiculous.

Did I use patently twice in this post? That is patently hilarious.

I feel like virtual reality would just make me vomit.

I need to knit that into a sweater. Colorwork. A fuck everyone yoke.

OK, episode 14 kind of annoyed me. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Til the end. And then I was sad that you lost your friend.


It’s funny, cos I had a feeling I should probably be there. I’m glad they asked.

Although, I suspect it’ll be quiet. And that we’re nervous for nothing.