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Random Wednesday

“You got: Mr. Clever! You are the brainiest person that ever lived. You’re an emporium of knowledge and everyone wants to learn from you. In fact, you’re so clever that you too could live in Cleverland, where the worms read books and the trees can tell the time. Carry on teaching the world new things, Mr. Clever!”

Well. I am pretty clever. Let’s be honest.

I would definitely not rather be naked than wear fur.

Sam’s season 7 hair looks like it perpetually needs to be washed. Kinda gross.

Holy hell am I ever busy lately.

I forgot to Just in Cases that shit last week.

Yeah, I have no idea what that means.

I think I’ll quit my job to fix our democracy and stuff. Talk about privilege. And hubris.

Wow. I need to knit some kind of sweater in that colorway. It’s so bloody and gorgeous. Maybe a cardigan. With pocketses.

ILU Babylon Bee.

I think I don’t actually LU, after all, Flonase.

My boot is broken. Dammit.

crap crap crap crap crap

You can’t make fake scotch, dude. It’s literally called scotch because it’s distilled in Scotland. That’s where it gets its name. Anything else is whiskey.

Gah. Michael Moore. You’re so gross. And such a tool.

Now I need $30K for an MLIS, and $30K to bring Gaiman to campus. I suspect I will fail on both fronts.

It’s fine. I’ll just sit here by myself.

Phone interviews – super awkward, but not as awful as I’d been led to believe.


Is it not better to be prepared for something and have it never happen, than to have it happen and be completely unprepared?

Or. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.


I wish that came in peppermint scent.

I feel like crap.

This is the longest week ever. It just keeps going and going and going.

I feel like crap and the doc says, well you look fine, try some decongestant. BUT I’M NOT CONGESTED.

I hate everything.

I don’t like crunchy green beans.

Why didn’t they have Gal Gadot wear blue contact lenses?

“You got: Karen Kilgariff You’re tough on the outside but soft on the inside. The only thing that outshines your wit and sarcasm is that adorable button nose of yours! Byyyye!” … Yeah, I totally buy that.

I wouldn’t want to be president. I’d be a really good adviser though.

Oh that says TED Talks. I thought it said Tea Talks. I was so confused. And intrigued.

I keep thinking I’m going to finish that season and I never do. It’s like with Fringe. It took me forever to finally watch the final season. And it was disappointing. Or at least not terribly memorable.

Honey, I’m just trying to help you. But you can just fuck off and die. It’s all the same to me.

It’s all either ass kissery or total bitchery. It’s fucking exhausting.

I do LU Google Translate.

I just remembered Babelfish.

Gah. This didn’t start out as a cranky post.


I definitely do not LU, Outlook.

I think I’ll finish this at home. Probably. Maybe.

Screw it. I’m stopping for taco fixins and staying off the interwebs.

I’ll do crunches all night. And squats. Crunches and squats.

Cos I’m fat.

But after the tacos.


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  1. ScottO

    A broken boot?! Blast! Better buy better boots, babe.

    I actually prefer phone interviews, and I hate talking on the phone.

    Maybe the doc just wants your heart to beat faster.

    Tacos am good.

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