OK, pretty much loving this new track from Buffalo Tom. I drifted away from them for a long time, but this might bring me back. They are one of my favorite bands ever.

No, I’m serious. I actively hate everyone. WHO ARE THE PEOPLE FUNDING THIS???

in an on

shake it up

Dammit. I want the tunic. And the leggings. Dammit!

Now this is hilarious.

They’re running a little behind schedule if that’s true.

Chicken wings? Really?

These kids are killing me.

Poor lovey.

I am a terrible mother.

I don’t even know what that means.

And this is awesome.

It is astonishingly quiet here today. What is up.

Maybe I should take spring break off. Did I do that last year? I think I did.

I should definitely do more knitting posts.

I’m so bad at that.

teddible teddible

Oh good. It’s time for the endless yammering to begin.

I’d like a big comfy chair please.

It’s not actually supposed to be a junk room, thanks.

I actually find this monumentally amusing.

I need to own the fact that I am never going to knit the stupid button band to that sweater.

I’d just frog the whole thing and use the yarn for something else, but now I hate the color of that yarn.

Stop using Mail Chimp, people.


I can’t fill out the application for you.

We probably need a rototiller.

Actually. I’d like to build a greenhouse.

But we do need to plant some things outside for the bees. We need some more apple trees.

I’m still bitter.

Ha, I was so confused. It’s not my birthday!

But I don’t want a Wayne State shirt. Thanks all the same.

Student Supervisor of the Year nominee two years running! I’ll find out next week if I won. My students are awesome.

Happy Valentine’s Day