We did donuts in the parking lot of Ted Bundy’s high school.

I hate you new Gmail.

They said I was on the membership list. I’m not on the membership list.

S:?EGLHS:OIBNB”oIHSE’PRH “PEngb”SpboSOirgNWEOTINAW:OibS”BOin (this is my frustration speaking)

Why no, that is not my job, but I’ll be doing it anyway.

How many times have you looked at the job postings today, Jennifer?

I ask you, how is it even possible for anything short of a 20 man crew to steal $100,000 worth of ramen?? That’s roughly 400,000 packages of noodles. Who needs that much ramen??

Talk about yer oodles o noodles.

I just wish I could understand the WHY of so very many things.

Man. Watching Poldark. People are treacherous. Scheming and backstabbing and lying. Good grief. Must be bloody exhausting.

There is something in my eye and it really hurts.

You just really don’t understand the concept of standing outside the cube and knocking, do you? Not even a little.

I’m thinking of just changing my name to Hen because I mistype Jen so freaking regularly.

This is my current favorite playlist.

I find that sort of disturbing.

Yay pizza! I love you guys.

Not a good way to start my day, random stranger student person.

What is the deal with this piano lately?

Give me your money, please.

Shit. It’s already so late. Stupid first day of the semester. It’s been NUTS.

Um. Why is my kid’s head bleeding?????

OK, everything is fine. No stitches required. All is well.


Oh good. It’s that time of year where every RSO on campus begs me for space in my building.


Holy shit, the onslaught just does not stop. HOW IS TODAY NOT OVER YET???

I don’t know that I would refer to abortion as “self care” EVER.

Christ I could use a cup of tea.

my aim is true

I knew as soon as I spent money on this lost ID situation the damn thing would turn up. I was not wrong.

Well this is just going to have to post late. That’s all there is to it.

So. Much. Reading.


OMG that is riDICulous.

Gotta wrap these photos up.


Is it going to rain again? Who can say?

I don’t know where the Wyandottes are.

WordPress thinks I mean antidotes. I do not.

I should just give photography up entirely.

That is not your nose.

burger burger burger