I wish those pants still fit. I really could use some new Chuck’s.

Look, I freely admit I forgot about this completely. We FINALLY closed on the sale of the old Compound, then spent the rest of the day running errands. I was no where near a computer.


Man. I have to come up with a half day workshop. And I already had writer’s block as it was.


I’ve found the solution to all my problems. Move to New Zealand and raise these ridiculously adorable sheep for their wool, become a yarn peddler.

I’m honestly not sure how much more of this I can take.

Perhaps the trick is to just not give a fuck.

“Inspired by your wish list.” Um. That is my wish list.

Here’s another Chuck continuity problem: In the Christmas episode in season 2, Casey (I love you, John Casey) is shown allegedly phoning his mother, calling himself Johnny Boy. First of all, John Casey isn’t even his real name. Secondly, if you’ve seen the entire series, you know that he is, for all intents and purposes, dead to everyone who ever knew or loved him. HOW COULD HE BE CALLING HIS MOTHER.

Evidently I’m watching this time around just to catch inconsistencies.


Ohhhh. I see it now.

How have I never heard of that serial killer?

This new 3D photo feature on FB makes me nauseous. I can’t look at them. It messes with my brain.

“Scandinavians are not great at small talk” OMG THAT’s where I get it from!

(please don’t talk to me)

I like lunch.

I should be reading right now.

Oh my GOD stop saying that.

You might be.

I keep reading these articles lately that could be good, but are just sort of shallow and disappointing. This is one of them.

“helps his parents sell home grew produces Tuesday afternoon” excerpt from a photo caption on the Atlantic. Wow.

“What program doesn’t want their students to critically think??”
“Gender and Women’s Studies?”

Wow, that was fast.

My head is never going to stop hurting.

“CONGRATULATIONS! When it comes to words and language you have quite the vocabulary and you may just be a literary genius! You love to read and discuss your ideas with your peers. You are in the constant search of meaning through social interaction, media, real-life experiences, and books. Your peers consider you an eloquent and influential speaker. You probably get a standing ovation at least once a week! Splendid work!”

Standing ovation. HA!

David Cross repulses me.

Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t be a dick.

Like these people.

I should be reading right now.

Today, my feet are cold.

sale sale sale sale sale

I’m not really a Black Friday kind of girl.

I’ll post this Friday. Probably.

This coat is amazing, and I’ve never wanted loads of disposable cash more in my life.

I feel like this outfit is a physical manifestation of my soul.

Dammit! I need milk and bread! I’m going to have to leave the house on Black Friday!

I hate my email inbox on Black Friday.


I can’t find your wishlist. This is profoundly unhelpful.

Let there be light!!!

Old and blind. Oy.

“So much for the Perambulating Postbox Theory.”