Dude. Ex post facto exists for a reason. A very important reason.

Well, that’s weird.

Everyone hates everyone here. But no one hates anyone more than everyone hates HER.


Who is Cheryl and why does she have a she shed? And WTF is a she shed?

That sounds way dirtier than it is.

I do like the new Mumford and Sons, but not nearly as much as the last one.

I thought that said explosives and I was so confused. That’s not a very common method of suicide.

I can’t help it. It’s true. It’s a survival mechanism.

Don’t steal my shit.

Let’s just call that done, shall we?

OK, that’s just disgusting.

I don’t actually give a shit what Wil Wheaton read in 2018. That guy is a dick.

This whole entire thing is fucked up.

It’s OK. I always want to add a ue to catalog too.

Why hasn’t anyone dusted Chuck’s headboard?

This is hilarious.

Don’t you mean anti-federalism? I’m pretty sure you mean anti-federalism.


That is too much Christmas.

Also ran.

How do you get a question wrong on a pre-course knowledge quiz??

I just want my goddamn service pin and certificate. Is that really so much to ask? It’s the only flipping recognition I get and I haven’t even been given it. Frankly, I’m kind of pissed about it.

I got a head full of nothing today.


It’s nothing but a constant barrage of shit you’re not allowed to do.

WTF is reindeer corn?

Would you please just STFU?

This internet only seems to be working intermittently.

It’d be a lot easier to be more sympathetic if they weren’t such dicks.

Bleah. I don’t want to go outside again unless it’s to go home.

Why did I sign up for all these subcommittees? Oh right, to get out of this office more often.

You guys. SKYNET.

This post seems especially hostile today.

I really need to shave my legs.

Man. I did not want to buy a new oven. At least it happened at the best possible time.

I just can’t even come up with a comment about this. Go capitalism I guess.

I don’t know how you’d even go about doing that.

I know I got an A. I just want to see the A. Actually, what I’m really interested in is the feedback.

A curse!


Wow. Settle down, lady.

Settle. Down.