Wait. It IS Wednesday, isn’t it?

Look. I can take over the duties of the chair. But I’m not the fucking chair. And I can’t make the fucking chair do what the chair is supposed to fucking do.

If you do something nice for someone, and they don’t say thank you, even though they know that you were the one who did it, it feels kinda shitty.

Ooooh, extra spicy cinnamon today! Yummmmm.

Wow, I came up with the perfect title for my workshop just as I was dozing off. And for once I actually wrote that shit down so I’d remember it the next day.


Am I the only one who doesn’t love Charlie?

Of course I don’t love Felicia Day. Which I’ve mentioned.

Turn off the fireplace!

Those people never turn their outside lights off. They just leave them on 24 hours a day. It’s bloody weird.

And they never open their blinds either.


Somebody needs to find Chuck, dammit. I’ll admit, I was not at all thrilled when Jack was introduced. But dammit. Right now I’m feeling pretty attached to him.

Ooooh! I hope they’re awesome. We love Roald Dahl.

Sometimes you just have to live with the passive voice.

There we go. Flickr deletion – check. Twitter deletion – check. Tumblr deletion – upcoming. Must find a new home for #littlejustintimberlake. Facebook deletion – Alas, not likely. My only connection to some people. Although in some cases, that could be considered a plus … Instagram deletion – never! It is my happy place.

Job titles with “At Large” at the end of them seem so carefree. Like “La la la, I’m just wandering around, doing whatever I want, collecting a paycheck. My life is amazing.”

Economics must mean something completely different than I thought it did.

It’s no expresso. It’s not expresso. It’s not expresso.

I think my brain needs a research break.

This is not your personal office or study space. You can’t just use it whenever you feel like it.

I think it was less about this and more about that.

It is far too bright in here.

This is a funny way to bring this point home, but I think about these ridiculous details quite often. Chin hairs. I’m terrified of no one dealing with my chin hairs when I’m old. The indignity of chin hair. And this made me cry. It makes me wonder if my children will care for me. I hope so. It makes me think of when they were tiny and I cared for them this way. I think I’m just feeling melancholy at the moment.

$174K is substantially more than I make annually. I think maybe you should STFU. I just cannot believe that these people get elected to office. Honestly. THIS is why people shouldn’t vote.

I really don’t understand some of that guy’s sentences.

I don’t actually care what Bill Gates is reading.

How about death in my metal and my meals? Huh? Huh? Amirite?

I’ll never go vegan. Although I think I have finally outgrown fast food. Would have been nice if I could have done that 20 years ago.

Well. There’s no hope in that direction.

I can’t with this kid.

I wouldn’t wait around if the money let me linger on,

I don’t think the principal appreciated my comment about how I think age segregation is dumb.

I could really go for a caramel apple cider from Biggby right now.

PETA is stupid. Stop giving them press.

Dammit! Thanks a ton, Corey. Now it’s stuck in my head.

Jesus my head hurts.

My brain hurts a lot!

I really don’t like that woman.

I know. I could be talking about any number of people right now. In fact, I probably am.

Don’t judge me because I can’t get excited about Christmas.

These tiny Christmas tree earrings are cute though.

All I want for Christmas is Halloween. … and a new job. … and this shirt (medium).

Maybe next year I’ll start decorating again. Stormageddon should be 33% less destructive by then. Right?

Must drag my ass down the hall and lock the doors. wheeeeeeeeeeee

P.S. Little Justin Timberlake should be back in town tonight. Hitchin’ a ride with ol’ Sandy Claws. You’re welcome.