I don’t know this woman or her work, but to form a mob and suppress her work – work written from her own cultural perspective – in the name of social justice isn’t justice at all. It’s tyranny. It’s fascism. It’s evil. Stop this lunacy. If you don’t like what she has to say, don’t fucking read her book. Stop silencing people just because you disagree with them. You are destroying freedom one mindless chant, one Twitter mob, one Instagram feeding frenzy at a time.


Not to mention the irony of silencing an Asian woman’s perspective because it doesn’t track with YOUR view of how the world should be.

You know, I watched about 20 minutes of this movie before I couldn’t take it any more. Maybe every word of this is true, and if it is, it sounds like exactly the kind of beautiful film I’d love to witness. The problem with Mandy is that you have to bloody sit through Mandy.

People make me so angry. You can try to make the world a better place without destroying it in the process. Stop telling people what to do.



the light is too light

Hey. I don’t appreciate it when conservatives tell me what to do either. You’re not my fucking dad.

I have a dad, and you know what? He doesn’t tell me what to do.

What if I don’t want people to trust me in an apocalypse?

I don’t know who transcribed this shit, but they put commas in the weirdest damn places.

jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen

I’m not much interested in self-flagellation, thanks. It serves no useful purpose.

Bleah Wil Wheaton. Bleah.


People who read their speeches as if they were reading some kind of narrative don’t really understand how to deliver speeches.

Today is my 7th anniversary in this college. Not a single one of them has been noted by anyone. I’m on my 5th dean. I’ve been here longer than anyone else. I am desperate to leave.

I wish I could have stayed home again today.

I wish, actually, that I could stay home all the time.

I miss that show.

I’m just a ghost in this machine.

People are clearly bored with me all over the place.

There’s not much worse than that perpetual feeling that you’re about to sneeze and not fucking sneezing.

I didn’t throw the match on this dumpster, but I ain’t rushing to put out the fire either.


I’m sick and sad. That’s a pathetic combination.

See? The only reason for that kind of post is to virtue signal. You don’t have to announce the “good deed” you did. Just do the deed and shut up about it.

I’m an excellent house guest. I’m quiet and I clean up after myself.


No, thank you, John Irving.

It makes me tense when I can’t see the clock.

I want pizza.

My head hurts.

What else is new.

You should go home. I’m such terrible company today.

I’d do well in a disaster though.

I should have been an engineer.

Nope. Still don’t care for Felicia Day.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I figured.

Once again, I am wholly unable to get temperaturely comfortable.

That’s not what that means.

Is it a migraine or is it this cold? WHO CAN SAY?

I am falling behind now.

I’d love nothing more. Alas.

I’m not even going to proofread this.

What? I’m sick!

I’ve read several articles in the last week or so about people and social media and social media personalities that just illustrate to me how profoundly shallow and vapid this world has become. I mean I just hadn’t really noticed how bad it was. It just seems like nothing has any real worth any more.

Y’all make me tired, man.

Tired and lonely.

This is a sorry place.

I don’t know. I guess I miss the 90s. The 80s. The pre-internet everything.

i want all the stupid old shit. like letters and sodas.

I am the merest speck.