The obelisks are gone when you look away. Prepare: they can still see you.

I maybe feel a little sad for Boyd Crowder. He did seem to genuinely want to change. It’s a shame he didn’t stick with it.

That article somehow got truncated since I linked it. So I’m unlinking it.

SO many of those responses could have been said by me.

I thought she said “walking through damn bears.” She did not say “walking through damn bears.”

Damn bears.

I am pretty sure you mean loath, not loathe.

There was a brief period in the 90s when Anthony Michael Hall was kinda hot. We have the same birthday (not the same year).

I guess she’d have first hand knowledge about the intelligence of sea sponges …

I’d really love to know how you’re not able to support your family on $81K a year. Cos I make a WHOLE LOT LESS than that, and my family isn’t starving.

Ohhh I forgot I put that jar of coffee in my fridge. Iced coffee treat for me!

Wash your produce. Don’t wash your produce. Wash your produce. Don’t wash your produce.


Wait. What day is this?

Ticks are God’s way of reminding us that we’re actually pretty easily brought down.

God I hate ticks.

That woman is freaking the fuck out.

Yes. Yes I will order some lunch.

I only like parts of this new voicemail system. Some of the parts are lame.

It’s getting gloomy. That must mean it’s time for a nap.

I smell especially amazing today. You’re welcome.

100 of eleventy

Dammit! It’s sunny again!

Gah. My hair looked great til I walked out the door this morning.

T minus 21 minutes til the meeting of doom.

Duh duh duuuuuuuuuhn.

Oh this will be interesting. I don’t think an hour is enough time.

Now this seems like a religion I can get on board with.

OMG with the creepiness.

Miley Cirus is gross.

Did I spell her name right? Do I care enough to look it up?

Decision fatigue. THAT is my lunch problem. But I’m not eating pate on bread.

I’m not eating pate period.

Pate is gross.

Pate and Miley Cirus.

I do really miss that Norwegian cheese. Even after all this time.

I think you mean the scourge that is, not the scourge of.

Is there anything to like about Detroit?

I’ve come to a grinding halt. My brain will no longer function.

Also, I’ve been standing for hours. It’s time to sit down.

Someone changed the height on my chair. What the actual fuck.

Watch out for turtles!

Maybe it’s just the quality of what you’re reading.

I can see the almost zen appeal of Keanu, but it is sort of bordering on cultish.

Maybe I’ll run into him in The Strand when I’m in New York later this month and I’ll have my own Keanu story.

hahahahahahahahahahaha right

I am hungry.

Maybe I’m annoying people.

I definitely have enough fingering weight in the stash to do this hat, but I’ve got so many WIPs already.