JESUS. I am not ready to change my password again. CHRIST.

So. No one wants to hang out with me in NYC then? Whatevs. It’s totally fine. I don’t even care. I go places by myself all the time.

I wandered around Austin by myself for a full day. I can do New York.

This is an interesting read. It’s also refreshing that such a liberal magazine recognizes the truth of the horror of bureaucracy in the Soviet Union.

It’s fascinating how easily bureaucracy can be made a tool of oppression and control.

It’s also fascinating how easily Americans miss it happening here.

Stop scenting things with rose. Rose scented things just smell like sad bitter old people who hate you and won’t let you sit on the good furniture.

It’s just

Actually, cops are not required by law to put their own lives in danger to protect anyone else’s. It’s just that most of them do.

It wasn’t about YOU. It was about your insistence on popping popcorn in this office and then rustling around in it and then crunching on it and my instant headache and homicidal impulses. So chill.

You guys.

I may have another MP4 I need squished.

I wonder what has convinced her that Bradley Cooper is gay.

This shit is never going to upload.

This dude’s religious beliefs are pretty much the least of my issues with him. They’re frankly not even on the list.

It was back to parallelogram one.

It’s not coomin. It’s not pronounced coomin. Come on.

I’ll admit that I did not read this whole article. I mostly skimmed. Because yawn. But while this is kind of an admirable venture, and best of luck to these companies in the market, I’m sure they’ll get loads of self congratulatory virtue signaling customers, pretty much all of those customers will be the very wealthy. I wear most of my clothing multiple times before washing – I just don’t get that dirty working behind a desk. I also don’t put most of my clothes in the dryer. My clothes last longer as a result. I rarely wash my sweaters at all. But I also have gross kids and a husband whose clothes really do need to be washed weekly. I guess get back to me when these companies want to turn their efforts to actually affordable clothing.

I guess that’s my holier than thou sermon for the week.

I’d take some of your Cuban chickens, but we don’t need any more bloody bantams.

Stop filtering out comments Facebook. I want to see all of them, not just the ones you think are most “relevant.”

Wait. So Rand Paul is actually calling himself a libertarian now? When did that change?

My biggest problem with audio books it the person reading it. Dear God. Maybe read the shit through first, THEN read it out loud.

These people are lunatics.






Jesus. Thanks for making me cry with your photo. Not cool. But totally cool.

I forgot my phone was in my bra and couldn’t figure out why my boob was vibrating.

Soooooooooooooooo sleepy.

I really do not want this food.

WHAT even is the point of this particular bullshit?

I should have picked up donuts this morning.

I guess this will be a little shorter today. On account of I got distracted and forgot to say rambling things.

I’m telling you now, so you have time to prepare yourselves, there will be no Random next week. I will be traveling.

It will be OK.

No, really.

I promise.