sunflower planted by Stormageddon.

Some weeks Random is hugely popular. Some weeks I might get 3 likes if I’m lucky. I just never know. It’s weird.

When did you get old?

I’m tired of the Russian Mob trope in TV shows. I instantly lose interest when it comes up.

Wow. I had no idea!

I don’t think anything I’ve done warrants being attacked by ground bees every time they dig a hole on my Compound.

Maybe the ground bees were a message.

I’m soooooooo excited about the new season of Jack Ryan. Such a good show.

Wow. I spent literal years of my life in a dark room. This saddens me greatly.

I don’t think people should have been mean about it though. There’s no reason on this Earth that the kid would know what a dark room is.

HOW did I not know about this???

I feel like this is what I want for dinner every day. But with not adventurous cheese.



This is actually nuts. But also didn’t Obama float something along these lines? I seem to recall he did. Maybe his wasn’t forced though … Whatever. This is nuts.

This is also totally fucking nuts. *Update* The prosecuting attorney dropped the charges.

I completely forgot that it’s Wednesday. Which seems to be happening a lot lately.

Now I’m gross. Stupid basement.

Now it’s Newt Gingrich. Leave me alone, dammit!

“You gotta stop talking to me over the wall, kid.”
45 seconds later …


Bitch, please.

This is strangely hypnotic and beautiful.

Ha. Like 10 people have sent me the link to the new death museum in Mt Clemens. That is awesome.

Human beings are actually designed to eat meat. It’s a biological fact that we are omnivores.

safe from what?

be calm bee balm- now with more calm

Well. That was interesting.

I don’t know how you start your vacation, but I start mine by being woken up by a migraine and the urgent need to vomit. Good times.

I’m not really a Luke Bryan fan, but this song is pretty great. He’s allegedly playing a farm just up the road from me this fall. That’s kind of cool. That he does that, I mean.

I like the Irish theme song better.

I have a Meijer cupcake problem. Don’t judge me.

Have I mentioned that before?

The acting in this particular episode of Crossing Jordan is especially atrocious.


So much dread.

Wow. It’s been non-stop since I walked in the door.

Holy shit. I don’t want to jinx anything, and I know it’s only been one day, but my new boss is kind of amazing.

See. I actually really like this song.

You know I can’t stand Bill Maher, but this is pretty good.

hot cold hot cold hot cold hot cold hot cold

I need to get this book read. I have no motivation to read this book.

He probably left her over the abortion cake.

Why the hell did he marry her in the first place, anyway? So weird.

Maybe I should learn to play an instrument.

Maybe after I graduate I should start martial arts of some kind.

Maybe after I graduate I should take an obscenely long vacation somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.

I suppose I should start saving all the monies.

This is the best deal, maybe ever