You could always go back to jolly olde. Won’t break our American hearts.

Guess I must be on yer list too, eh?

Read it.

I just ate a Rice Krispies Treat the size of my face and I have no regrets.

so dull

Yeah, we didn’t move.

The crazy too many people time to adjust hectic lunacy is upon me. I’m not ready.

This is the funniest shit you will see on the internet this week.

Um. Someone might want to tell her that that’s already the law. And has been for decades.

This is clearly gonna be late again.

Wait. Punching people with whom you disagree on an ideological level = civil disobedience? WTF universe do you inhabit??

“Imagine if the left said this.” “Imagine if the right said this.” They both have. Repeatedly. Because they’re all children. Stop amplifying the stupid. Stop electing the stupid.

I think I’ll just hold off on this til next week. I just have so little for you at the moment.

So very little.

It’s Sam Hill, not Sam Hell.

“It’s 10:30. Do you know where your children are?” What a patronizing thing to say to people in your broadcast.

Crossbreed Holsters has fantastic customer service.

You’re not the boss of the exec assts. Your boss isn’t the boss of the deans. Stop telling everyone else what to do.

Why would re-reading books you love need defending? That’s ridiculous.

I don’t understand people who find Leonardo DiCaprio attractive. I know I’ve said this before but I just got slapped with another picture of him and his weird Amish beard.

It’s weird being allowed to do one’s job. I actually am slammed from the minute I walk in til the minute I leave. Hard to get used to again.

Of course there’s new crap on top of all the usual. So there’s that.

I need to start making wearing my glasses a habit instead of contacts.

Nothing like looking someone you thought you were on good terms with up on FB to discover that they’d preemptively blocked you. I wasn’t even going to send a friend request, I was just looking for a basic piece of information that would have been readily available there.

You know. I should be in a really good mood with this great new boss and honestly I’m just not. I’m stuck. I don’t fit anywhere. It doesn’t matter who your boss is if you’ve got the same stupid job that you’re overqualified for but that no one can seem to see you’re overqualified for.

And your friends all live far away with their own lives and best friends and things to do.

I’m going to stop typing out my wallow now. It’s pitiful.

Oh this is going to be a messy messy day.

Holy shit.

At least when it’s nonstop I don’t have time to think about

What kind of person looks at this water slide and says, “Yep. That’s what I’m doing next”?????

Man. Cupcakes. I love these fuckers.

It’s about the message for me. I believe in the message. I don’t know what you’re in it for.

And now I’ve screwed up and pissed someone off and I’ll spend the rest of the week beating myself up about it.

You know. I think I need to hang this one up. Today has been so stressful that it actually brought on the migraine full stop. I’ve cried twice. I’m a mess.

I don’t actually find Jude Law particularly attractive, actually.

I’m almost ready to take up the tea habit again. I’m missing it.

I typed that and five minutes later the Headspace app popped up a Mindful Moment that read “Fancy a cup of tea? …”

I am much too connected to the world at large. I hated the book Feed, but it doesn’t seem too far off the mark these days.

Sorry for the depressing post. Better luck next week.