I bet someone reported it. I thought FB notified if you if your post was reported though.

You guys!

I was on a roll before the surgery. Now I’ve totally lost it. Which really kind of sucks.

Who the fuck eats a cinnamon roll like this?

This was surprisingly good. I actually couldn’t stop reading.

This is hilarious and this man’s head is an odd shape that is vaguely off-putting.

I had failed to notice that Labor Day is so late this year.

Blame it on February 29th.

And now I am talking to myself.

Talking to myself is not something I normally do.

Clearly this is a sign that I probably need an intervention of some kind.

“you cannot have 20, 30, 40, 50 clips in a weapon.” … well no, no you can’t.

OMG I HATE THIS SO MUCH. Now I get to listen to all of

I don’t think you’d say “peak … season is high.” You sort of imply the high by using peak. That’s what it means. Try harder.

Sinus drainage. Now I can’t breathe through the other side of my nose.

Jesus. Of course there is genuine evil in the world. What is wrong with people?

Yeah, no. You mean formerly. Not formally.

I think I need a break from the world.

The world would be a better place if

This talent is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing this JR.

Seriously. Stop. STOP. Stop putting so much fucking emphasis on these Myers Briggs type tests. They’re bloody fucking meaningless.

Fucking cults.

Amazon: We found something we think you might like. Hmmmm. Sure, Amazon. Sure thing.

Oh I wanted to read that book! Too bad I don’t have time til MAY.

Wait. I’m definitely not the advisor for College Republicans.


Jesus God. I haven’t seen that many ads on one page since the dawn of the internet.

Well, clearly no one gives a shit, so. I’ll just stop announcing things.

Dear Grove. Your website is always broken. It’s irritating. Love me.

Gonna go get some more pharmaceuticals now. Wheee.