I think it’s hysterical that all the progs in MI want to pretend like Whitmer didn’t pick this fight with Trump. She’s been going on national television for months poking him with a stick. Now that he’s poking back, she’s gonna pretend like she’s the martyr? She might be a worse governor than Granholm was.

And this stimulus. Jesus. I haven’t seen an idea this bad since Obama was in office.

Don’t think I’m not a tiny bit bitter about growing my gray out before the lockdown when people would have been way less judgmental about my roots.

Look, cut it out. Nobody knows WTF Missy Elliott was even talking about.


I need to make a grocery run. Pray for my soul or something.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in the SERF acronym? Yeah? It’s just me?

I want a secret decoder ring so I can be in on it too.

In this time of economic uncertainty and chaos, go spend money supporting small business.

What money, I ask you? What money?

Great. Now the rest of the Supernatural series end is on hold. Awesome.

Massie is at least a voice of reason.

“Biden says Michigan’s Gov. Whitmer is on vice president list.” You can have her Joe. Forever. Both of you can ride off into the sunset of obscurity as far as I’m concerned. You deserve each other. You’re equally horrible people.

Are we sure Adam Schiff isn’t a non-essential worker?

Probably I should get out of this house and adjust my attitude.

I left the house and never came back to this post. Sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I find it bizarrely fascinating that Jim Jones and John Wayne Gacey both had close contact with Rosalyn Carter. Not her fault, she didn’t know they were who they were. But still.

You’re such a fucking child.

Who keeps putting all these childish brats in leadership positions?

Why is this Quest bar so hard?

I think it might be time to throw these socks out.

I can’t stop listening to this album.

I’m glad we’re a household full of hankies.

I should make more hankies.

A cult leader by any other name …

I forgot what I was going to say.

The thought of a virus having agency without conscious thought is alarming. Is it less alarming than a virus having agency with conscious thought?

Totally unrelated to COVID-19, just happened to read something about viruses and agency. Written long before this pandemic. Just one of those strange moments of serendipity, perhaps. I’ve had a few of those recently.

Tales from the Loop is too sad to watch during this lockdown. It’s very good, but it’s much too sad. I could have cried for hours after episode two. It broke my heart.

I am not up for this.

Guess I’ll do it anyway.

And suddenly the whole world wished they’d not killed off home ec classes everywhere.

I miss my mom.


You know what I need more of? People getting on social media to screech at me to stay home. How about you just STFU and worry about yourself.

Isn’t the right to peaceably assemble in say, your favorite bar, protected under the First Amendment? And yet, here we are.

Even Bill Maher agrees with me.

Honestly, spelling my name is not that hard. It just isn’t.

I feel like when I sat down to write this paper I flipped some previously unidentified switch in my brain that, evidently, puts me in manic mode and now I’ve spewed all this weird vaguely jointed strangeness that doesn’t overtly answer the question, but doesn’t not answer the question either. I have to clean this mess up. Fuck.

I contend that it is entirely possible to be simultaneously appalled at the treatment of the big cats, believe that Carole Baskin is a straight up murdering bitch (not a victim), think that every single person in that docu-series is  either nuts, just trying to make a living, or a garbage human being, and be thoroughly entertained at the sheer insanity of the entire tale. But. Go ahead and judge me.

I’ve been nursing this cup of coffee for 4 hours. It is now ice cold.

I give up. I need a nap.