I don’t know who to share this with. You’re welcome.

I need a calming pet bed.

What even is this mood?

If you think homeschooling is a threat to children and society, you’re not paying enough attention to what goes on in public schools. Moron. Clearly, Harvard has no actual standards.

“homeschooled children are not instilled with the “skills needed to participate productively in society as adults through employment” and will grow up “alienated from society, ignorant of views and values different from their parents.” Lies lies lies lies lies.

I wonder if she even has children?

Um. A photo of someone else is not a “selfie.” A photo someone else took of you is not a “selfie.”

Pink and brown should not be paired. Ever.

I don’t know why we waited so long to watch The Boys. That was so good.

Random and lockdown don’t really mix. Apparently.

You can’t just stop reading in the middle of a sentence and assume you understand the statement.

Do you even know how to use a computer?

Holy shit my shoulder hurts this morning.

Now I can’t stop listening to Mumford and Sons’ Wilder Mind.

Famous guy pretended to be the super hero he plays in film to entertain other famous guy’s kid for his birthday. WHO. FUCKING. CARES.

All of a sudden I’m drinking iced tea like water again. My teeth are gonna be sooooooooooo stained.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, but evidently the only cure for it is a can of Pringles and a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper.

I love it when people say “this is not up for debate.” Shut up.

You’re not the boss of me.

And while we’re at it. Stop saying “the new normal.” Stop.

I just really hate that phrase. It’s dumb.

Man. Follow Steve Zahn and Rick Gomez on Instagram. I love them so much.

Oh please. No one is going to shoot you.

Here’s another phrase I’m thoroughly sick of – “flatten the curve.”

Um. How is this laundry basket $130???

Why does Banksy have such a dingy bathroom? I looks like it’s coated in about 25 years worth of nicotine and cooking grease.

Hey, CNN? Hornets don’t “bite.”

I always thought, and have said, that Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer were a weeeeeeird combination. It never worked for me. And now it seems it didn’t work for them.

“Maybe having to actually spend time together did them in.”

I’m not any more interested in a COVID vaccine than I’ve ever been in a flu vaccine.

What happened to Madonna’s face??

What happened to Madonna period? That woman has gone completely round the bend. Yikes.

Sorry this has been so erratic and short and weird lately. There’s not much to talk about. My mind has been nicely quiet. Until today. When I got the email that LAYOFFS ARE COMING.

All the people telling me not to worry are people with guaranteed paychecks.

These women saying “Biden could rape me in the street right now and I’d still vote for him” are disgusting, revolting hypocrites. You should be ashamed to share air with other humans.

It’s like a semi-hiatus.

I really don’t want to get laid off.