If I had regular video meetings, B would totally do this if I asked him to.

The needs of the many never outweigh the needs of the few. You have no right to make that call.

I wish my patio was clean and it was a little warmer so I could just go out there and sit.

I wish I had the energy to clean my patio at the moment.

I can’t really do anything about the weather.

Gaaaah They made a movie out of that horrible book?

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” is not a legitimate moral argument either, so stop claiming it.

I don’t care about Fiona Apple.

Obviously, the only reporting or comments I’ve seen from the left about this have been “ZOMG, how can they let this horrible bastard off the hook???” Abuse of power is abuse of power, no matter where it comes from or who the victim is.

“Stop protesting or I’ll extend the lock down” seems like a pretty parental thing to say. The governor is not your mommy.

She is, however, a fascist.

I don’t understand roll up ice cream.

We were out in Seattle last fall. After we got home, we all got sick one by one. M missed about two weeks of school. We took him to the doc twice who said “it’s just a virus, it’ll run its course, nothing we can do.” And it did, eventually. Fevers, loads of coughing, cold-like runny noses. I was diagnosed with “it’s probably bronchitis” at one point. It started in early October, and we were finally all feeling completely well in January. Maybe it was COVID, maybe it wasn’t. But there’s so much “we don’t know” about this whole thing that I don’t even care any more.

You can’t keep this film on pause for fucking ever.

OFFS So, essentially, you did all this for attention, because what? The world wasn’t paying quite enough of it to Amanda Palmer? Fucking drama queen. Also? YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY MOTHER IN THE WORLD AND YOU HAVE A FUCKING NANNY. Stop acting like you fucking invented this shit.

Also? If you and your husband are finding your marriage strained by this shit, perhaps you have bigger problems that should be addressed. That’s just kind of a blanket message to everybody. Because I’m a marriage therapist now.

I think I might be feeling a little tiny bit bitchy. So, I’m going to go read a book for a while.

Sorry, I’m never going to be on your “new normal” bandwagon. I’m never going to be OK with facemasks forever. I’m never going to blindly accept whatever the government is telling me as gospel, because how often has the government been right so far? Throughout history.

I was taking this virus seriously. For a minute. I quickly got over that. I see it as any other illness on any other given day. And that doesn’t make me an asshole. It doesn’t make me selfish.

And we very very clearly are not all in this together.

But. Haven’t the CDC and the WHO been very very wrong about several very important things so far?

Referring to your side as “the majority” or the opposing view as “the minority” doesn’t make it true.

Still not interested in a vaccine.


It’s nice to take a break from research and death ed reads and just get lost in this murder mystery.

We’re all in this together in these unprecedented times this situation is evolving rapidly we must flatten the curve stay home stay safe we hope you are well we hope this finds you healthy we’ll get through this together healthcare heroes social distance don’t touch your face wash your hands safe at home

Just stop.

“We were living with this thing just fine until the whole world freaked out.”

Wow. I did not realize he had traveled in violation of restrictions. I sincerely hope he doesn’t make any future “we’re all in this together” comments about fuck all.

I do so enjoy the rain though.

Step 7: Do not move until nightfall. Repeat.

I feel like lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to is my generation’s equivalent to my grandparents’ easy listening “elevator” music and I’m OK with that.

Or maybe it belongs to Millennials, but we stole it from you. I’m OK with that too.

They’re pennants, not pendants. PENNANTS.

It’s so cute that My Favorite Murder thinks it knows anything at all about being punk.

That’s a sarcastic cute. In case you missed it.

I really have grown to kind of hate them.

Maybe I should delete some of this …

No, it’s fine. Fuck it.

I wasn’t sure about Schitt’s Creek for the first couple of episodes, but it’s hilarious. I’m glad I stuck with it.

Not much I hate more than vaguebooking.

I like to be surprised with things in the mail too.

Why do people always want to surround the subject with intangibles when they write? “The rights surrounding these people.” Rights don’t surround you. They belong to you. You used “surrounding” or a variation thereof at least 3 times in one paragraph. How did you get a Master’s degree with this kind of writing? Dear God, get a copy editor.

I’m generally not seeking advice.

I should come up with a way to do a giveaway in the Read Death Book Club.

Sometimes the giveaway is the only thing that keeps me going in a KAL.

I really would like to quit the internet entirely. But then I likely will spend the rest of my days an executive assistant. Which really isn’t all that fun.

Something just flew out of my hair.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Whitmer extends the stay at home order AGAIN. Petty Fascist Karen Supreme.

This is actually pretty awesome.

The mailman hates us, but he’s too nice to let it show.

Sorry about this HuffPo link, but this statue is perfection.

“The downstream health effects…are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. This is an order of magnitude error.


Wear a mask but only the right kind of mask and not the good mask because those should be reserved for our health care heroes and the only mask you should wear should be the mask that we approve of that’s this kind of mask, not that kind of mask, with a valve without a valve why aren’t you wearing a mask you selfish asshole?

I clearly need to start this Billy Squier album over and turn it up to eleventy.

I can’t believe I did that whole workout with my reading glasses on my head. My posture must really be improving.

I could see myself aligning with some Christian Anarchists. On occasion.

swim. until you can’t see land. swim.

OK. No one showed. Feed full of COVID Karens. I’m done. See ya.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow after I defy the extension of the stay at home order to place flags at Ft. Custer, as is tradition.

Never have I wanted a hat more than I want this one.

“This is unprecedented, and we’re in this together,” which is Latin for “We’re not lowering our prices, bitches.”

Did you trademark that shit? #IMWITHHER

Frankly, seems like nominating a PhD WOMAN in the party that just wants people to be able to live their lives in peace is the real progressivism.

Course, that’s not really what progs want, is it?

Wow, this got really long.

It’s not like we get invited to cook outs when there isn’t a stay at home order.

I still want a JEFFSTER! t-shirt.

At least my patio is clean now. Or it was. For a minute. Goddamn chickens. And bats.

Well it sure as hell ain’t the Mothman Prophecies.