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i suck at origami

My best friend and Miss W have this dinosaur thing happening. They are triceratopseses. Triceratops mommy and triceratops baby. So for Christmas, triceratops mommy sent her baby this lamp, which regular momma had to put together. It was like origami with weird flexible plastic. It took an hour and I think my head leans permanently to the right now, but triceratops baby is full of the happies over the lamp. And the lamp is pretty darn cool. Plus it takes an LED bulb which I’m all for. Among other things – no fire hazard!



  1. laura jean

    He's the most beautiful triceratops lamp EVER.

  2. Amanda

    that has got to be the coolest thing I have seen in awhile – no matter how bad you were at putting it together the end result looks cool 🙂

  3. AntiJenX

    He really is awesome. He puts out a remarkable amount of light too. Girlie just *adores* him.

  4. angela auclair

    awww:). i want a dinosaur momma.

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