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Random Wednesday

I think it would be cool if people just randomly sent me books for no reason sometimes.  Just a sort of a “Hey, Jen.  This book needed to come to you,” kind of deal.  “Thought you’d enjoy this.”  Or “Perhaps you should learn something, you half wit,” maybe.  I dunno.

no one

The door they fixed is now broken.  Great.

“I hate doors. I’ve always had trouble with doors, as far back as I can remember.”

wherever it is, it ain’t here

They’re an endangered species.

It’s a fucking goat rodeo.

I am disenchanted.

Yes.  This day officially sucks.

Maybe you be me for a while and

What’s with all the makeup?

She’s the only one you never take pictures of.  She’s the only one you consistently leave out.

I wonder what she’s eating.

I don’t even know why I’m here right now.

I’m so tired.  So very very tired.

I’m almost entirely off Diet Coke.  I have mixed feelings about what that might mean.

The Mister bore an uncanny resemblance to a young Hunter S. Thompson.

I used to have a friend who invited HST to both of her weddings.  He did not accept.

My friend Jennifer made me realize I’ve been lacking HST in my life lately.  I haven’t read anything in a few years.  So this morning I started reading Gonzo, which feels sort of voyeuristic to me.

My life, in comparison, has been shockingly wholesome.

Back to school tomorrow.  Whee.

Go, Go, Toddzilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don’t think I need a chakra cookbook, thank you.

I just put the phone down 5 minutes ago and already I don’t remember where it is.

It’s just a business card.  It’s not a company car.

I wish it would rain.

Suits my mood.

Actually, this one.

It’s interesting to me how I associate certain events in my life with what I was reading at the time.  I was reading The Great Shark Hunt when the Mister was in the hospital with his brain tumor removal recovery.  That was a weird weekend.  When I was in Mexico I was reading No One Here Gets Out Alive.  Norway was Keeping Faith.  The only thing I could read when I was pregnant was Smoke and Mirrors.

Some people have songs.  I have those too.  But mostly I have books.

I dunno.  Buy the ticket, take the ride.  The end.



  1. red

    i’m a ‘songs’ person. for sure.

    Taco Bell. you can stop wondering now.


  2. ScottO

    A little char-broiled chakra is good, now and Zen.

    If it weren’t for the makeup, my photos would look like a middle-aged guy with a soul patch. Oh.

    I hope someone called your phone so you could find it. Or maybe it showed up once the chakra was ready.

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