I never could stand the Max Medina character. Whiny beta male. Yeuch.

BLASPHEMY!!!!!!! You cannot make tea in the microwave.

This fucker’s campaign keeps texting someone named “Elias” at my number. I’ve asked them multiple times to remove me from their list. They still haven’t done it. The last time they texted I told them I’d rather set myself on fire than vote for Jon Hoadley. I wasn’t kidding.  Creepy POS.

“It’s the Pax, the G-32 Paxilon Hydroclorate that we added to the air processors. It’s… well it works… it was supposed to calm the population, weed out aggression. Make a peaceful… it worked. The people here stopped fighting. And then they stopped everything else. They stopped going to work, stopped breeding… talking… eating… There’s thirty million people here and they all just let themselves die.”

Yes, by all means, put Lithium in the water supply. Jesus.

Now the bubonic plague is killing people. So about China

What. I’m kidding.          Kind of.

But I can see the Necker cube both ways at the same time. Does that mean I’m a genius?

My new hobby is to report every fucking cat ad that comes up in my IG feed as referring to a political candidate or issue.

Alyssa Milano. Wow. That seems like a pretty normal amount of hair to be coming out after a wash. We lose hair at an astonishing rate. Also if you stop chemically damaging your hair with all the bleaching and dyeing, you’ll lose a lot less. But most importantly? Shut the fuck up, you half wit. COVID does not cause hair loss.

Man. This chair hurts my upper back. That chair hurts my lower back.

Why was it called The Cosby Show if it was about the Huxtable family?

This is the only song by Redbone I know. I had no idea they were Native American. I do really like this song.

I started to comment about another thing that annoyed me but Jesus Christ. What’s the point any more?

Oops. Caught an error in this book. Bones was a forensic anthropologist, not a forensic paleontologist. What kinds of crimes would a paleontologist solve??

I find it incredibly alarming that the age of medical consent in the state of Michigan is 14.

There’s a gott damn wasp in The Geekery!

I’d prefer not to give the mouse a cookie.

Now I have to throw out these cookies.

Thought y’all wanted criminal justice reform. So you picked a cop who hates criminal justice reform. OK. Yeah. Seems about right for the left.

There is nothing remotely surprising about this study. Still. It makes me chuckle to see it confirmed.

You know how you click on an article you want to read, but don’t have time for right now and by Wednesday you have eleventy nine tabs open and you never actually get around to reading a single one? I just purposely read all of my open tabbed articles. BOOM bitches.

I’m feeling a little smug right now.

Gotta take it where you can get it these days.

None of this is OK, and if you think it is, I don’t want to know you. Don’t even try to give me any bullshit story about how the rioters have nothing to do with BLM when BLM is supporting this violence and thuggery. And it’s not OK.