wm8913Wow! The self cleaner on my oven kicks ass!


I think it’s interesting that I don’t really care for any of those people’s decor.

I think this just about cancels out that ridiculous “I pledge” PSA he did with his idiot ex wife.

Yes, please, thank you.

Tom Hiddleston is too young for me. I leave him to you. I’ll stick with Nick Gillespie and Daniel Craig and Christopher Eccleston and and and and …

We need to get Nick Gillespie on campus. An honors college event. He should speak to these overly liberal overly entitled kids. It would do them good. Plus, then I could convince him in person to give me a proofreading job. Plus also, Nick Gillespie in person.

I like it.

Maybe she had her sleep removed.

Interesting. I have lived here my entire life and have never heard half of these. I say some of them though, dontcha know. Uff da is a life long favorite.

Yes, I did bring you donuts. Shut up and leave me alone. It’s a delicious sugary bribe.

ARGH I have to change my password AGAIN.

OK, now you can listen to Christmas music. But do it in moderation. Have mercy. Tis the season and all that rubbish.

It’s still too early for a tree though.

“You’re qualified to be handsome!”

I should raise sheep.

you got a way of

December 56th?!?

I’ve been away from my desk most of the day. That’s always weird.

I don’t have a companion animal, and if I did, I most certainly would never have named it Ashley.

Still not getting the whole Ryan Gosling thing. Just don’t see it. Though I wonder if he’s aware his likeness is being used in Obamacare ads in Colorado …

I think I find those ads just as offensive as Lena Dunham’s virginity loss video for Obama. I mean the grammar alone is appalling. But come on. “It’s totally OK for you to run out and be a whore now! You got insurance!”

“Sylvia Plath’s drawings are even more devastatingly beautiful than you’d expect.” No. They’re really not.


I may or may not be listening to Cyndi Lauper …

This made me giggle. I love HBC.

Once again, I feel compelled to remind you that you do not actually need to comment on a thing merely because it is posted on the internet. It’s OK to walk away. Really.

Well that just seems awfully lazy to me.

Maybe you should avoid donuts if you’re going to eat them like a 5 year old.

Really? You’re that important??

Seriously. Stop playing with your crumbs.

No one takes my course ideas seriously. I think “What We Should Have Learned from Science Fiction” would kick ass.

retrieving retrieving retrieving retrieving failed to retrieve message

I don’t think you really mean affect. I’m fairly certain you mean effect. But maybe not. Whatever.


Holy shit!

“HowahYOOOU?” I hate you.

This is absolutely fantastic. This beat Little Justin Timberlake, I think.

I need to find some new zen. This job is starting to suck my will to live again. I NEED SOME ZEN, DAMMIT!

Did I mention it’s time to watch Love, Actually again? Because it is.

I like dogs.

I would prefer to never have another indoor cat again as long as I live. Ever.

Have you seen that movie about Francis Farmer? Directly contributed to my complete phobia of psych wards. And having no control over my own life.

Tea and cookies! Yes please. Maybe they should have offered to bring some cookies to Chewie’s party. Like a hostess gift.

I just got an email from UPS telling me to contact myself with questions about a package I’m shipping to me. … WTF am I shipping to me??


I just do not approve of your use of that term for her. It just doesn’t seem appropriate to me.

I’m very aggravated right now. So much for zen.

I quite often mistype my name as Hen. I suppose that fits.

It’s after 6, jentober. Stop answering work email.

People are outraged by this. I don’t see a damn thing wrong with it. Hell yes to additional protection, particularly when we’re barred from carrying pistols in so many places.

My stomach is just so unhappy. It is a very sad stomach.

Awesome. That right there is exactly how I wanted to spend my evening. Yep. Whee.

Dammit! I just want to read one lousy Time article and I have to pay for it. Bastards! But yay capitalism! But boo Time, because I’m not paying for it.

OK seriously. Stop checking your work email. Do it now. Step away.

I wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking about raspberry sorbet. And also cats.

I miss Grandma Ingeborg.

“I’ll never get a Harley.”

I’m in the midst of a trauma, leave a message and I’ll call you back – LEAVE IT BY THE BED.

I just can’t appreciate Jane’s Addiction like I used to.

Because America. Amen.

But I don’t wanna go to the dentist.



Halloween tissues make me happy.