I guess that’s not as sharp as I’d like it to be.

They don’t stamp books any more. That kind of makes me sad in a nostalgic why does everything have to be so techhy way.

Tecchy way? WTF was I trying to type there?? Ohhhh Techy today. Weird.

Well, they stamp them at our little local library, I guess. So that’s something. The university just sends me an email telling me when stuff is due.

Never mind, I changed the photo.

I did not even know you could get a doctorate in semiotics, but that seems like a really geeky fun PhD.

I mean. I’m a states’ rights kinda girl, but there are limits.

Yeah, this is pretty much what I’ve been bitching about for the last decade +.

No one uses an ice pick on their windshield.

See? Now this is the kind of dollhouse I’d have on display to this day. Positively perfect in every way.

Clicked on the Google Doodle for Leap Day and a list of famous birthdays came up. First on the list? Richard Ramirez. (Still arguably the greatest apprehension tale in criminal history.)

This is bullshit.

Tried to contribute. Got ignored. Deleted it.

Why. Do. I. Bother.

and i don’t think i have ever seen a soul so in despair

“Under postmodernism, there’s no crime you can’t pin on somebody. You just claim you feel harmed or “unsafe” from something they’ve said or done – basically, take offence and run with it.”

Family vacation in Salem Mass would be pretty cool.

But why is the deer levitating?

Voltaire never said that.

Australopithecus is a fun word to say.

Maybe I’ll just skip the primary this year. Unless they stick other shit on it. Like shit that raises my taxes. Then I’ll go vote NO.

I can’t even remember what dude said about this shit.

That girl never says bless you.

I’m over the weird colored hair. Yes, even if I love you. I’m not talking about anyone specific. I’m talking about everyone specific.

I am become curmudgeonly.

I’m really fine with that.

“Despite blowing over $252 million on failed campaign, Tom Steyer says ‘Zero Regrets.'”

First of all. I cannot even comprehend the mind that can have zero regrets over wasting that kind of money. I mean Jesus H.

Second of all. I had never even heard the name Tom Steyer until a week ago, so clearly he made some really good choices with that cash.

Assholes. All of ’em.

“It smelled of dead things.”

Man my cube is dusty.

That libertarian test says I’m “Hardcore Libertarian,” which surprised me, to be honest, because I really sometimes think I’m not terribly libertarian at all, or at least small l libertarian, but more just independent on account of just leave me the hell alone.

Wait. You named your kid Audio Science?

This is what is wrong with the world.

There. I dusted.

Ooooh. I think I need to try Berroco’s Quinoa.

I’m not saying bless you to her any more. Let her be taken over by restless spirits. I don’t even care.

Well, there you have it.

Opine away.

I don’t need Facebook reminding me to vote, thanks.

“The effluvium arising from it is, in certain atmospheric conditions, pestilential.”

Where’s my gotdamn membership renewal gift, NRA?

While I’m quite sure that the author of this piece (apologies for linking to trash like Vox) did not intend to send this message, my take-away from it is this: Sorry white college educated Americans, but your countrymen are just too dumb to appreciate the gloriousness that is Elizabeth Warren.

And that is precisely one example of the kind of tone-deaf bullshit that got Trump elected last time.

I’m so out of it today I actually typed 1794 as my birth year.

Amash will likely always have my vote for pres. And my mailbox will always vote for him for Congress.

I especially like the part where the Gazette makes the hilarious claim that Whitmer has positioned herself as a moderate and has become known as a coalition builder. I almost peed my pants. Hi-larious.

I honestly meant to post this yesterday. I just got really caught up in that paper I was writing.

I can assure you, I will never be interested in purchasing The Yogurt Cookbook.

What’s another 9 credit hours, really?