I’m not taking any chances with you people.

Just kidding, they made me wear this at the walk in clinic when I went in with bronchitis in December. Seemed appropriate for the current climate. ha ha ha.

I miss my hair.

I’m not wearing a necklace today and I feel naked.

I honestly was like “Wait. I know I suck at math, but. Wait. No. No, that’s very wrong.

Although why anyone is surprised by anything Brian Williams says …

Can you believe I’ve never seen a single Bloomberg ad? Neither can I. But it’s true.

I haven’t managed to accomplish a gotdamn thing today, and I’m not even sure I care.

Dammit. Now I need to squeeze in a big ass batch of bee balm.

I don’t have a laundry chair, I have a floordrobe.

Why does Amazon keep taking that book out of my cart and putting it in “save for later”?

Man. I’d love it if we closed in pandemic panic. Work from home for weeks? Sign me up, bitches.

Buy some cinnamon people!

I’m almost as sick of the virus as I am of the election.

I keep reading that as ectoplasty.

I don’t really care about your Coney Dogs.

I always thought Dr. Drew was rather an attractive man.

Introvert – check. Natural over-producer of Vitamin D – check. Chickens, I’m golden.

I used to urge people to vote. Now I urge people not to vote. Look what you’ve done to us with your voting. Biden is in my state yelling at people FFS. Enough of this foolishness.

Gah. Generations at work. Why do I feel like this is going to be a bunch of people telling me I’m doing it wrong because I’m old?

But what does she eat?

Yet another chaotic Wednesday leads to forgetting to post on Wednesday. May as well add to it I guess.

I have to say. I feel like we’re finally reaching the dystopian future I always expected to be living in.

How does that prove hands exist? It doesn’t.

I guess I didn’t add much at all. OH WELL. Blame it on COVID-19, bitches.